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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hey Eco Citizens,
we just released Update 9.7.3 to address some more issues that were reported to us - thank you!

  • As announced in the last Update we have made further changes to the minimap that have high impact especially on very populated servers. Specifically we optimized synchronization of the minimap by implementing a delta module, reducing the amount of objects that get sent from server to client by only sending occuring changes instead of a full list whenever a new object got added or removed to / from the minimap. This had resulted in notable FPS drop and server lag on big servers.
  • We also optimized several controllers on the server that were sending updates to too many players, for example information about durability of items that belong to other players. On top of that we reduced the count of minimap updates being sent by only sending them when the position change is big enough. This results in notably reduced network traffic on highly populated servers.
  • Additionally we added, expanded and optimized several debug tools to help us identify performance problems easier.

  • Added: Legacy support for block form & fill icons to keep compatibility with deprecated mods and for big images on signs.

  • Fixed: In rare cases, If recurring transfers from titles were present in a world, clients could not join the world without being kicked.
  • Fixed: When concluding a barter trade the player would be kicked from the server.

World Objects
  • Fixed: Elevators could not be placed.
  • Improved: Elevators can now also be placed on shafts with uneven solid ground.
  • Fixed: Skid steers couldn't unload their contents into stockpiles and vehicles.

  • Updated: Localizations were updated to the latest state on Crowdin.
  • Improved: During avatar creation the selections of the players are now better highlighted.
  • Fixed: Vehicle deeds could get wrong default names that were intended for normal deeds.
  • Fixed: Several errors that would be logged in the client logs, potentially impacting performance.

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