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I haven't yet tried past (200,200) 4 km², so how expansive are 16 km² servers and how many people can live on the server? How about larger worlds?

First reason I'm asking is, I like exploring the open world and its quite easy navigating 4 km² servers, you don't really have to spend hours to see everything that can be seen.

Second, I'm imagining it'd be really cool that there'd be some significant distance between villages, towns, and cities as well as certain resources being located strategically in certain points of an expansive world. This will provide complexity and challenges for players, their governments, travel, logistics and the economy. Imagine village A is located beside the ocean and has access to resource A (say for example fish), village B has access to metals, village C has access to arable and fertile lands, village D has access to wood, and so on. You get the idea.

Third, I like trains and logistics in general. It'd be cool to see trains go choo-choo filled with freight (resources, products) along with people.

Fourth, I feel like it'd be more rewarding and satisfying that it actually takes time and effort to travel and see certain places or to transport resources and products.

Fifth, it will also allow individual city-states and governments to grow larger and become actual metros and states. Since they have room to grow and significant distance between one another without overlapping each other, this will also allow them to become distinct from one another. Such as, which one's prospering, which has better infrastructure and buildings, which style of architecture will you see and what landmarks will you see by travelling there, which has a thriving economy, which has more people, etc. Possibilities can be stretched as room for development is expanded. This will also motivate governments to either cooperate or compete to overtake the other.

So yeah, how large is 16 km² and how bigger can they get for more room and more people?

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We do not recommend at all to increase size beyond our recommended values, that at current player amounts on servers end at 2.56 km² for servers with 100 people online at the same time, anything beyond that size will always be unnecessary waste of space and influence ecology in a way player impact is no longer existent - e.g., not Eco as intended, especially when big world sizes are coupled with few players. (Basically default size is for coop, 1km² for the average public server and the biggest public servers that have ever existed can go up to 2.56 km² for best experience, depending on their player online counts)

Having a thousand people, a fourth of it active with 60-100 players online at the same time is zero issue for a 2.56km² world.

Worlds up to 4km² are supported nontheless, anything beyond that does not receive support from us and may break at any time. Worlds beyond 16km², depending on height, may not even be able to be created, due to integer limit.

Generally, a bigger world size will eat more RAM, and even more RAM with more players, and yet another time even more RAM depending on how in-depth it's used, especially in regards to laws. White-Tiger eats about 20 GB RAM with 60 players online on 2.56 km² and the well known extensive government usage. So depending on your player count and usage, you want to have a big chunk of RAM available.