16 days ago - SLG-Dennis - Direct link
For the meteor it seems that for some reason your configuration in Configs/Disaster.eco got reset - that can happen if you edited the .eco.template file directly (that gets overwritten on each update) instead of the .eco file or the edited file got lost for some other reason.

You can fix that by setting the meteor in Disasters.eco to false again and then restore a backup where the meteor didn't land yet (it probably hit when you loaded your world the first time after the config was no longer set to false) from /Storage/Backups/ to the Storage folder and load that and you should be good again. (.db and .eco file)

As for the mods, it is expected that after a new major update mods need to be adapted - the changelog states changes that need to be made to any overrides in the "Modkit" area and third-party mods likely need updating as well - Nid and Kye seem to have pre-release versions available, we informed major modders a while before release what is coming.
14 days ago - SLG-Dennis - Direct link
While you can't disable it, you can turn the shelf life up via Balance.eco configuration file: "ShelfLifeMultiplier": 1.0