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Seriously, the "memory leak" as players call it, is astoundingly bad at this point. My game starts at 120 FPS, then after 10-20 minutes of playing, I'm down to 10-20 FPS. Something is drastically wrong here.

This happens on multiple systems! Same deal on my laptop. I've heard other players complain about it as well.

Are the devs at least aware? Is there a bigger discussion around this that I'm missing? The game is unplayable at this point. They really expect players to restart the game every 20 minutes? This is unlike any game I've ever played before, where performance gets worse each patch. We're regressing, and it doesn't seem like they care? I'm beyond frustrated that I'm quitting my favorite game that I have nearly 2000 hours on, and have met countless friends. I just can't play ECO like this.

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My comment was removed because I said "your game now plays like ass, worse than it's ever been for me", and the sensitive developer removed it on grounds of a "personal attack". It's laughable, but it's their venue so they can do what they want. That just makes me want to support ECO even less.

But keep defending this piss poor performance game that MANY have complained about. Far beyond "Niche" at this point, that's a ridiculous statement, as seen from the many upvotes on this post. The poor performance happens on multiple systems for me, my PC, my laptop, and my SteamDeck. I'm glad you have a good experience, but I'm not alone on my complaints, just check out the official forums. I've been supporting this game since 2019. I want to love it. But I can't in it's current state. It really does pain me. Of course it's emotional for me, for the past 3 years, this has been my favorite game.

Your statements are pure conjecture and are so far off base, it would be hard for me to even consider reading anything further from you. Good day sir.

The 'sensible developer' was me and we still have a zero tolerance policy towards personal attacks there as well as here. You omit asking me if I'm crazy when I told you about the simple fact of the speed of the "e" pickup (that being the rule violation, not your opinion of our game), always communicating with a disrespectful attitude (as you show here as well), being provocative (Quote: "I don't think it broke the guidelines at all. Because I said your game is BUTT? Because the game is now BUTT.") after having been told cleary to stop (the violation being refusing to stop and discuss on) and then questioning my job. Consequently your infringing posts were removed and your account temporarily locked. None of them were related to performance.

You can find that acceptable, according to our rules it's not. It's fine if you criticize our product, even heavily - all posts doing that on Steam are still available, including if all they do is saying "sh*t game". It's not ever fine to bring up anything targeting a person, for no reason at all. Never. There is living people over here and you didn't pay for us, but for the game.

Meanwhile all your posts about performance are still available. (The only ones I could actually find, here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/382310/eventcomments/6296618058104722632/)

You're very welcome to take part in discussion respectfully, even voice your issues loudly and without goody words, but once you cross the line to get personal I'll unfortunately have to act.