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Hello everyone,

I was wondering how I could create a build on an Eco server while taking my time and being able to launch the game on day 1. Currently, time passes while I build structures and when the server is open, the game time is already on day 2 or 3. Is it possible to stop time? Do I need to use a mod or what are the server manipulations to achieve this result?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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We tolerate using of mods to reach the goal, but ask for such servers to be placed in the category "Strange Worlds", until we have adapted the master list to enforce that automatically:

https://github.com/thomasfn/EcoCivicsImportExportMod - Export and import civics

https://github.com/TheKye/Eco-WorldEdit - Export and import buildings

Manipulating the save game in regards to its time or using any methods to halt the time are considered a ToS violation against server list integrity and may lead to the server that used them to be removed from the server list permanently.