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Originally posted by Hawxors: I'm starting to experience the same issue. Was there a fix for this?

Causes for a unity crash can be anything from a game issue or incompatibility problems over system instability to a bug in unity engine itself, so each case is different and requires the necessary info be sent as outlined in my prior post. Please be invited to do so as well. :)
about 2 months ago - SLG-Dennis - Direct link
There are issues where we unfortunately aren't able to help, as no cause within the game can be found, mostly because the issue is a local hardware or software issue or because we need to wait for unity support in case of engine problems - in opposite to other games we update our Unity versions very often. In the first case we always offer a refund, in the second we keep people updated about the process with Unity. It's not possible to diagnose every single potential issue remotely, especially given the amount of things that can cause issues. I don't know your specific case, but I'm sure if what you say is true, you were offered that remedy.

Also note that barely any two crashes are the same, so people sending logfiles is absolutely necessary, as it's unlikely they have the exact same issue as you.

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