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Hi, maybe you could help me I'm fairly new to eco. I am Planning to setup a Server for my friends and me we are probably in the end around 10 to 15 people. Arte there settings you recommend to change or can I leave everything as default. I played with the world size but found that 200x200 is way way to big. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The default size of 72x72 is fully sufficient for 15 players. Any higher size for that amount would not provide the game experience we intended, at least.

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In addition, a larger world will have more trouble moving between biomes.

And even the challenge for space is intended. That's why we try to keep our official servers at a number that balances out all intentions. Nontheless, you can use any size you want, that's why we have it. I just feel that some people would probably have a better experience if they got away from that seemingly very prevalent "Bigger is better" feeling that I absolutely exhibit myself when playing games. I always find myself to use the biggest map with the most resources, just to find I never need them. (In Sandboxes) I still do it.