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In my time in Eco, I've seen some pretty crazy trolls attempting to sabotage servers without being caught. I've seen folks tunnel into other people's mines from 20+claims away, place stockpiles everywhere to kill plant life, and the ever popular "cut down every tree I can find". Most of the time these people have some goofy story about "not knowing" or "I actually need 1000 trees worth of lumber laying around doing nothing" and actually expect admins to believe that. For whatever reason, this game attracts some weirdly dedicated trolls.

So I was curious, what kind of stories do ya'll have? Either as admins, or players.

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Day 38 on a long-term roleplay server, world is set to the highest value suggested by strangeloop. Makes one's individual contributions to pollution pretty miniscule even if they wanted to.

So, 1 km²?