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I have completed a few seasons on different servers and everywhere I see the same thing happening. Nobody really cares about establishing economy or government. Every time it's a progress race with more and more people leaving server because they are losing this race. There's hardly any economical interaction between players - they just give stuff away for free once it's not important to their progress. Overall it feels like there's no way to play this game the way it was intended. Mostly because of the player behavior, which is not bad or good, it's just what it is. Maybe this could be a good game for teachers to have the whole class playing together and cooperate under teachers supervision, Idk.

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Official server White-Tiger is preventing exactly that and making the game like the other recommended high collaboration private servers that have been mentioned here, it's more a matter of the server and how the admins run it, if at all.

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So what you're saying is: the intended gameplay is only achievable under supervision of an admin (like a game master?) and not with self organization of players?

No, that's what you're interpreting. The law system allows to do the same thing, but that needs organisation that needs to come up from people themselves (= matter of the server, hence its players). That is easier to get with admins involved that take a lead. Anyone can do it though, just like on Coast Redwood.

Also, there is no 'intended gameplay' aside of playing multiplayer. Eco is configurable and can be played to whatever liking with whatever concept, be it made by admins or players.