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Originally posted by xartin

I tried this game again after a long time. perhaps at least a year and was dissapointed to discover the game is still utterly unplayable on linux. the game world view just renders as a single puke pink color resembling pepto bismol liquid nausea medicine using nvidia drivers with a 1070 or an amdgpu graphics card.

Even tested on two systems. Perhaps that will be fixed someday.

We don't support the Linux and Mac clients, only the Linux server. There is no active development on these builds currently, we unfortunately don't have the resources to do so. The pink issue has been fixed in 9.6.4 though and we had confirmation from linux testers on GitHub for that, have you tried with that version? If you still have it there as well, we can take a look if you send us your client logs to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]): https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/wiki/Getting-the-Eco-game-log-file

Other linux players also have stated that Eco runs smooth with Proton, so might be an option.

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Originally posted by Transparent_Turtle

Hopefully it helps. For me the recent animation changes were a hindrance not a help. Motion sickness and constantly seeing my character walk around with thier knuckles on the ground like a primate when I have no tool.

Like at least performance needs to be fixed. The animations didn't need to and they are much worse off for having been "fixed". Going from semi smooth animations to feeling clunkiness consistently with a dash of nausea was a downgrade in game play performance. Things like this effected at least 30% of your player base but boats higher up on the list?

For the animations the only reports about motion sickness we have gotten was the running animation, which is going to be addressed in the next Update. There has not been any notable reports about such issues with animations in general, as such the effect on population is deemed very low aside of the mentioned animation.

Multiple animations still need polish, as that was only the first pass, but at least issue wise there is nothing out of the ordinary to be seen. Please feel free to describe your issues on a GitHub issue, priorization and what we look on also always depends on what feedback we get from players and typically using that feedback gives a good approximated overview for what issues are there.

Complaints for animations were rather that they slow down some things compared to what people were used to, but that was a fully intended effect and food animations have been adjusted to address complaints during playtest. No doubt that still isn't good enough for some, but it's within what we intended.

As for boats: They're the one single most requested thing by players you will find in basically any post we make anywhere. It also was the same on the voting page. We're literally reminded of boats at least 5 times per day by different people. Nothing else in Eco has more requests and feedback than boats, not even performance or bugs - and that is by large margin.

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Originally posted by Transparent_Turtle

I'm very glad to see the running animation will be addressed next patch!

I'll look for the git hub info so we can have people report there. I'll check your discord for a link.

I'm not surprised that people are asking for boats since there it's such large oceans. I don't understand the use or need for them not when there is literally so many other things that should be higher up on the list. At least though you are listening to the player base though if that's what they are asking for. Albeit as silly as it is I suppose people just wanna run around and say I'm the captain now till thier hearts content.

I'm sorry, I forgot to post a link to you, you shouldn't need to search for that: https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues

Trains are also extremely popular, actually number 2 in feedback and requests, also before bugs and performance. It's always a juggle to fulfill peoples wishes. (Especially as Eco's playerbase is very diverse with people having totally different interests and motivations why they play.) I have stated before that new features sell the game, while fixing issues keeps the existing ones. That wasn't very popular the last time I said it, but it's true. We need to balance both things to survive as a company, even though I can totally understand requests for only doing fixing and nothing else.

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Originally posted by xartin

Happy to report after checking again this is the first occasion this game has worked natively on linux since launch without the puke pink rendered display and using Gentoo Linux install built by a 19 year veteran. Whichever knob on the payroll you guys adjusted did something really productive :)

I emailed you a client log to assist. if you find it useful for future reference that's great.

The native linux client looks noticeably more crisp and vivid than windows does. using a ryzen 9 5900x and a evga 1070 ftw2 graphics card with nvidia drivers version 520.56.06. vulkan support is native userland enabled in mesa at build time.

The pink issue actually wasn't there for quite a bit longer than you stated, but that is barely any relevant, as it was there for way too long :)

Our current main goal is to keep the builds generally working, but living with the fact that some stuff is off or not working well, as we're missing the resources to fix that up. We have no linux users or people with dedicated experience outside of devops in the company, no testing means and - I know Linux peeps (and those so far tended to be some of the most helpful and welcoming people in their communities I ever met, as a former system integrator and using linux for all my servers) hate it when I say that, but potential users for Linux is under 1% economically. There is often the 'more support would make more users' hen and egg problem, but I'm not in a position to make decisions on that and as a indie game studio funding is always an issue, so I can only tell you that I personally would love to give you the full support you deserve but that there is a multitude of reasons on why we can't at this point. It was already a personal goal of mine that we do have linux servers fully supported now.

I'll make sure your logs will get to the few people that can work with that and check out the issues you mentioned on if we can address them with the next linux push of fixes - we usually do gather some issues for it and fix them every few versions. But I can't make promises, as sorry as I am.

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Originally posted by xartin

It was already a personal goal of mine that we do have linux servers fully supported now.

The fully supported linux server was single handedly one of the best resource investment decisions. other software developers have sustained needing to rely on mono to run windows apps with linux but it's never as good as native software even if you have to use dotnet.

I've maintained gentoo packages such as radarr that used to require mono to be usable on linux but radarr developers moved to builds relying on dotnet and the difference is magnificent even if those builds may not truly be designed from a historically pure native c or c++ linux software development perspective.

There used to be clickbait wiki or help advice posts offering instructions to run eco servers in docker as if that was a functionality upgrade but really before the linux server support that also just required mono and wasn't that much better two years ago.

Not having to use mono or run a windows vm to attempt running your game server was a massive improvement

metrics on linux users have historically been misleading since metrics don't accurately exist for linux users. steam's metrics have become a more reasonable or realistic with steam deck usage however. With some clever marketing you'll find yourself the recipient of some additional appreciative linux gamers perhaps by attracting interest of some linux gaming advocates in /r/linux_gaming after finally fixing the puke pink render bug :)

Ah boi, that was long ago - we already had to do with each other in the past, haha! I must sound like a repeating disc to you.

As for Docker I'm not sure what was there. We made those docker containers for cloud worlds specifically (which we have discontinued by now) and never supported those either, but they'll stay around. They should work as well as native linux now, though?

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Originally posted by xartin

I suppose docker could work just as well. I dont use docker or microservices all that much personally.

The eco game server performance two years ago due to reliance on mono perhaps caused some people to to believe the "cloud" buzzword meta could provide a golden ticket solution when really at the time that didn't yet exist.

A that long-time linux user that does not use docker a lot? That's new. I'm still getting hyped by others for that every day and my friends tell me how they put EVERYTHING into docker containers for easy deployment. I prefer the old ways, lol.

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Originally posted by xartin

A that long-time linux user

once upon a time tinkering with openmosix and vertical supremacy was fun but moore's law spoiled the fun :)

I prefer the old ways, lol.

I occasionally get blank stares from tweeners when i start speaking in crontab. you and I both hehe.

I did have such a monitor as well. Back then I was a kid and got my first computer. The next already was a flatscreen, haha.