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Hi! Like the title says can u use dotnet core 5.0 for a linux server or does it need to be dotnet 3.1?

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We do plan to switch to DotNet 5.0 in the future.

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Originally posted by thaelah

If you plan on running it on linux, I recommend just using the docker container: https://hub.docker.com/r/strangeloopgames/eco-game-server

Pretty easy to setup and get going. Clear input/output of how to run it- you mount some folders, create a docker-compose file to define the ports, and you are done!

Keep in mind the docker containers are provided as-is and do not receive any support by us, though.

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Originally posted by jthill

Any hope you'll re-enable the server gui? It worked fine on the server that used the system mono.

The server GUI is still available and working, so I'm not sure what you mean.

Do you mean for Linux? It was never implemented for Linux, if it worked I have no idea why. So, that would be a no.

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Originally posted by jthill

I do mean for linux. mono EcoServer.exe Just Worked for me. Darn. Okay, could we get better docs on the values in the configs? The gui is discoverable from tooltips and pick lists and such, but there's nothing like that for the configs. It's a little disheartening..

Well, what you did there was never intended, hence also not supported. :D

Configs are made in .json, which prevents us from doing any comments that wouldn't totally break the config styling. You can always help to add the variables to the Wiki, though ;)