16 days ago - /u/ - Direct link
A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
16 days ago - Todd - Direct link
Hey Citizens,
we just released Update 9.6.3 to address the teleporting issue that was introduced in Update 9.6.2 as a consequence of other teleportation fixes and have added some additional fixes, including for Big Shovel mod and the crane:

  • Fixed: When creating a new chat channel, using "Select All" when adding chat managers or users would result in a disconnect.
  • Fixed: Rapidly opening and closing the Eco Log would result in all chat messages to go to the Eco Log
  • Fixed: Enabling Chat Zen mode was not always hiding the chat UI
  • Fixed: Using tools and placing blocks could cause the avatar to teleport through terrain
  • Fixed: Mods that allowed editing shovel carry size were still not working after latest update
  • Fixed: Work Order tooltips were missing information who started the work order
  • Fixed: When adding a Text Formula for Civics and Rent, the field would overlap other selections in the UI
  • Fixed: Tooltips for Text Formulas were not displaying in all UIs
  • Adjusted Shop Cart handles so they are easy to grab
  • Fixed: Crane would not allow placement with an error that blocks required solid ground
  • Fixed: It was possible to highlight yourself with the Crane
  • Fixed: Skid Steer would continue to backup after releasing the key to reverse
  • Fixed: It was not possible to deposit blocks directly into a stockpile using an Excavator/Skid Steer
  • Minimum range required between trees reduced to 4m from 5m (can be set in server configuration)
  • Fixed: Pitcher Plant could cause a client crash when harvested
  • Fixed: Having Discord Rich Presence enabled without Discord available was causing exceptions in the log