18 May

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Hey Eco Citizens,
we're releasing Update 9.5.2 to address some more of the problems you have been reporting:

Fixed: The client would sometimes crash with error message related to concurrent updates
Fixed: Setting the Weight Multiplier could cause incorrect weight calculations in inventories
Fixed: Increasing the Stack Size multiplier allowed more than one upgrade to be placed in a work station
Fixed: For some workstations, like the Machinist Table, placing a module in the same room would not be recognized until after the next room update.
Fixed: Laws that used a Citizen Timer trigger were not allowing Citizen to be used as a variable in a Condition check.
Fixed: Deleting a vehicle deed could cause empty deeds to be linked in chat.
Fixed: Civics would get invalidated after revising and passing them, reverting them to the prior version

11 May

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Hey Eco Citizens,
today we're releasing Update 9.5.1, adding some polish for and fixing some of the notable bugs with some of the new additions in Update 9.5. This update should bring improved stability and includes several fixes for crashes and failed migrations. We also have included some changes to the chat channel system and animal hit notifications based on your feedback. Thanks so much for that, we really appreciate it.

  • Fixed: Ambient sounds during initial game launch were not respecting in-game volume settings
  • Fixed: Alt-tabbing while running underwater caused a large sound when returning to Eco
  • Fixed: The audio for chopping trees would sometimes stop playing
  • Changed: Moved civic notifications to chat
  • Changed: Added Government notification category in the chat
  • Fixed: When responding to a DM ...
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02 Feb

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Update 9.4.6 has been released and includes the following changes:

  • Fixed: Players and other objects would sometimes appear invisible to others
  • Fixed: The audio for chopping trees and other tools would sometimes stop playing until switching tools
  • Fixed: Members of a demographic were not given edit permissions when that demographic was assigned as a manager of a registrar title or a bank account
  • Fixed: 32-bit build would crash on startup
  • Fixed: Casting a fishing pole was creating errors in the server log
  • Fixed: Issue with banlist on servers
  • Fixed: Using RCON with a non supported command was causing an exception
  • Added: /kick, /listusers and /listadmins commands now all have RCON support

07 Jan

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Update 9.4.5 has been released and next to removing the holiday skins includes the following changes:

  • Added: New emotes: /wave, /sit, /bow, and /salute
  • Added: Modkit support for custom images for signs and Ecopedia banners
    (More Info: Example Mod[] & Wiki Documentation[])
  • Fixed: Laws using a progressive percent were unable to accept 0 as the minimum threshold
  • Fixed: Firing a bow was creating errors in server logs
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23 Sep

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Update 9.4.3 has been released and includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Harvesting grass and wheat was causing a client crash
  • Fixed: The camera was set to a fixed position when driving a vehicle as opposed to adjusting to face the direction the vehicle was moving
  • Fixed: Players were often appearing invisible to others
  • Fixed: Tool animations would not always display when viewing others use a tool
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With this update comes a variety of bug fixes, improvements, and balance changes.

Please note: Large servers may experience a longer than normal loading period when initializing properties due to a bug fix that clears out empty deeds from the database.

Civics & Contracts
  • Fixed: Custom stats for civics were still recording even when the action that triggered the stat increase was prevented
  • Fixed: Text formulas in laws could sometimes cause the server to crash and the save to become corrupted
  • Fixed: The Distribution Station was incorrectly using time played to determine if eligible to receive items, rather than using days since joining the server
  • Fixed: Contracts were unable to be marked as failed
  • Fixed: Admin command /titles unassign was not working when targeting someone besides self
  • Fixed: It was not possible to rep...
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24 Aug

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With our first follow up patch to Update 9.4, we have added an option to enable the legacy cart control scheme, improved mod compatibility for popular mods from 9.3, and implemented multiple bug fixes to address some of the key issues that have been impacting gameplay.

Legacy Cart Control Option With Update 9.4, we introduced a new control scheme for carts that enabled the camera to rotate while in third person. As part of this, the control scheme for carts was changed so turning was moved to the keyboard. We have been listening closely to feedback, and found some prefer the old control scheme that allowed turning with the mouse. With this update, everyone will have the option to pick which control style they prefer. This setting can be found in the controls menu, and enabling this toggle will make carts use the old style of control.

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20 Aug

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We are happy to announce the release of Eco Update 9.4! With this update comes a load of new content, gameplay mechanics, and performance improvements.

One major focus of this update was to provide more ways to express yourself via the avatar, including new animated emotes and avatar customization choices, We expanded the game with thirty new food items representing well known dishes from around the world. In addition, producing green energy is more realistic, requiring placement with proper access to the elements.

We have also been hard at work at optimization, both for the Eco client and for server calculations. You should notice significantly smoother gameplay, though optimization will continue to be a primary focus for us in future updates. Last but not least, we had a heavy focus on bug fixes and other general improvements with a full list of changes included below.

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08 Jul

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Update 9.3.6 has been released and addresses the following issues:
  • Fixed a bug with WebUI that could result in severe sever lag with frequent chat requests
  • Improved handling of chat history that will result in smaller file sizes for larger saves
  • Two new sand concentration recipes for the Screening Machine and Sensor Based Belt Sorter
  • Sand Concentrate recipe craft time reduced to 0.7 minutes from 1 minute
  • Glass recipe craft time reduced to 1.2 minutes from 1.5 minutes and Sand cost reduced to 4 from 6
  • Quicklime Glass recipe yield reduced to 1 minute from 2 minutes, Sand cost reduced to 3 from 10, Quicklime cost reduced to 2 from 3, craft time reduced to 1 minute from 2 minutes, and experience provided reduced to 70 from 175
  • Fixed an issue with copying laws that would cause the original law to be changed

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26 May

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Update 9.3.5 has been released and fixes the following issues:
  • Fixed bug with client closing after disconnecting from a server
  • Improved behavior for splitting deeds so the original deed is maintained while a new deed will be created for the split plots
  • Fixed crash when Grant Title was selected as payment for a Work Party
  • Fixed crash when environment statistics were referenced but a specific statistic was not selected
  • Fixed crash when using modded objects that did not have a prefab assigned
  • Fixed bug that could cause trees to go missing when leaving and re-entering an area
  • Fixed bug that could result in "Caused by Actions" civic articles to have the reverse effect
  • Fixed bug where debts could not be forgiven

05 May

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Update 9.3.4 has been released and fixes the following issues:
  • Fixed crash with meteor tutorial
  • Fixed issue where banning a player could result in others being unable to vote
  • Fixed crash when a server was hosted in Turkish language
  • Fixed bug that could result in being unable to target some fallen trees, carcasses, and carts
  • Fixed memory leak with pipes
  • Improved optimization when interacting with objects
  • Wooly animals may now be cooked on a campfire
  • Fixed issue with Modkit that resulted in DiscordLink mod not working

04 Feb

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Update 9.2.4 has been released and fixes the following issues:
  • Fixed crash when using “Resident of District” law condition when residency was set to a property without a plot
  • Fixed crash with experimental rent feature when a resident was unable to afford rent
  • Fixed crash with laws that prevented actions when unable to make a payment
  • Fixed “Object not set” error when trying to add a civic to an election
  • Fixed calculation for housing value for deeds with large number of residents and rooms
  • Improved optimization for claiming/unclaiming large deeds.

02 Feb

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Update 9.2.3 has been released and fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed crash when setting up a registrar title with wages
  • Fixed crash with strings that were too large for the localizer
  • Fixed crash related to controller manager
  • Fixed display error on player tooltip when no residency was set
  • Fixed display error on store tooltip when the store was setup for barter transactions

30 Jan

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Update 9.2.2 has been released and fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed crash related to rent and deeds
  • Fixed crash related to animal AI
  • Fixed bug with recent and favorited servers showing as offline on Your Servers page.
  • Fixed bug with permissions being not being granted to titles
  • Fixed bug with main menu where it was possible to open the settings menu twice

23 Dec

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Happy Holidays! We are so thankful to our wonderful community. We are excited for all the new content that will be introduced in the upcoming 9.2 update, but in the meantime we wanted to bring some holiday cheer to Eco.

We’re bringing the festivities to Eco!
The world of Eco is getting some festive decorations, just in time for the Holidays! Elk have a new reindeer skin, complete with candy cane antlers. Spruce trees have been decorated with glowing Christmas lights. The distribution station has been adorned with lights and stockings, and storage crates will now appear as wrapped presents.

New Year, New Hopes
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