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Hi there my friends and I are running a server pretty beefy specs. Now I have a question because I get a lot of conflicting reports on discord and Google searches. If you do the 200x200 world which gives you 4 km I read that some people say you need a minimum of 32 gigs of RAM other say you probably only need 8 gigs of RAM for the actual process of the game itself.

Anyone here literally running a 200x200 world with maybe a few players at most or even more and can tell me how much RAM it's actually using? The only reason I asked is because I've kind of screwed up and destroyed while testing a two kilometer world and it's barely going over 1.6 gigs so I can't see it jumping that high even under a lot of load. Just me the player alone seem to do maybe one or 200 MB.

We're going to be playing on the low cooperation setting. I wasn't planning to touch any other settings though I'm a little worried about how to earn star still. Most of us will probably do some cooperative stuff but more likely since we like the same things we'll be doing the exact same skills to start off with. But I'm hoping that the low cooperative mode gives us more opportunity to Branch out and use other skills without having to wait a long time. Not sure if there's any issues because we play a lot of hours per day versus some people who might play only a couple hours a day. Like to give you an idea we might play like literally 15 hours in one single day.

I'm a little confused on the client there's a setting to change the time that you play and it helps you match a server and all that which is easy to understand. But there was another one exhaustion which I think my server has it disabled by default that's probably default config? What the heck is that is that something for me to be worried about? My friends and I are a bit of a nerd we can play like 16 hours a day and I don't want to end up getting screwed over by some sort of daily limitation. I don't want to start having bed skipping time things like that I know by default they're disabled but I'm just a little confused with this whole exhaustion stuff.

Is there any quality of life or any modifications and changes that you would recommend? The biggest one we change was the meteor it's still going to hit us but we said 90 days. As far as I know that is really simple goal with the low cooperative mode. It was more for the fact that we just wanted to do it simple and we just wanted to have a fun destroying it with the lasers versus not having any use for the lasers.

Laws and government and everything else is that something that's all built in the game as a normal player? For example I was thinking of having a small area that people couldn't be building for maybe future roads but also spawn so later on when we get there we can maybe build a nice little intro to our server. Or maybe I can do it ahead of time. But I'm not really sure how to do all that without screwing up everything maybe I should just leave it alone? I just want to have a fun server for my friends and I and we want to go through the game as it should be but at the same time I get a little bit worried about the whole governing system. That we actually want to go into but just don't want it to blow up in her face but the same time we want to make sure that you know when we invite other people to play with us that they can't just like build right at spawn as well. And maybe eventually we can Mark out areas say this is going to be for roads and highways and stuff like that.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for us let us know. I know the world is kind of big but we wanted that that way it is for a long-term server and we're just playing casual and we like extra distance of traveling and things like that. It's just something we're used to in Minecraft.

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