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The game will end on Chapter 7-8 that is condensed into one large chapter and will be released alongside the v1 that will released "spring-ish" indeed ^^.
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Originally posted by Survival Gamer:
Originally posted by focusblade:
Thanks Kaldorei. Not sure if this is in scope yet but how long do we expect the final game to take once its complete (didnt know if there are any general estimates yet). Reason I ask is because I might kick the game off a little early depending on total length :)

My guess would be that full version story completion might not mean game completion. It sounds like they have a bit of work to still do on crafting and a few other things so if you are a player who just rushes through the story to complete is different from fully completing side quests, crafting, and so on. If you are a completionist, it looks to me like the lighthouse will take time. It looks to me so far that trying to just rush through story without side quests could be something in the neighborhood of 40 to 50 hours. It will also depend on chosen difficulty.

You have a good vision, the v1 is far from the game end it's just the story end and when the game will be polish enough to be called a v1, but post game content is coming in massive amount and few things that didn't make it through v1 will be added.

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