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  • Added local minimap to cities (Herelsor, Tyr Caelum, Jagholm, Wurldendz)
  • Added raymarched dithering to vegetation during battles to prevent camera obstruction from the vegetation
  • Added new "generic" battle AI for non scripted enemies (will be able to use decor interacts like balistas for humanoid and crystals for humans and non humans against the player / heal & buff their friends and try to use different strategies against the players)
  • Fixed an issue with choices DPad button mapping
  • Fixed a timing issue that could restore the UI during a dialog (and in some extreme case could cause a softlock
  • Fixed a potential infinite loading issue when teleporting from a specific teleporter to another
  • Fixed a minor popup issue in batt...
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Minor Update

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06 Aug

We are improving on the Dynamic Events system in Edge Of Eternity. While this feature had been implemented since alpha release, we wanted to expand it to new areas and make the map more lively. You can now encounter over a dozen new events when exploring the Herelsor and Solna plains.

Key locations

Dynamic Events will start around 3 different type of places:

  • Marketplaces from Herelsor and Solna plains
  • Stonehenges from Herelsor and Solna plains
  • Arena next to the Lighthouse on Solna plain

Many events will take place in those exa... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/269190/announcements/detail/2743208179949556533]here[/url].

05 Aug

Originally posted by jenbyers:
Originally posted by Kaldorei: Okay, i found the bug, it happen when you are fighting ennemies in a cutscene (like soldiers from pass of Olphara) and that the next ennemy you fight are the burrowers from Nekaroo scent.

I've fixed it for the next patch.
This should be well after any patches and I am on my 5th attempt to go after the large burrower on the neckaroo. It freezes up every time in the cutscene and I have to leave the game to unfreeze. I am abandoning this quest until it is fixed because it ruining game play. It...
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04 Aug

03 Aug

Bugfixes and adjustements:
  • Introduced new minimap system with area discoverability (and soon localized area names)
  • Implemented bosses battle objectives superbonus reward
  • Fixed a softlock case on some specific quest and dialogs with the recent changes
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the Save UI from opening when the Save UI have been automaticaly removed
  • Fixed some wrong footsteps SFX material definitions
  • Fixed a bug that could remove the music after a loading (like unstuck) after a battle
  • LipSync improvements
  • Added SFX in various cutscenes
  • Adjustment of a few postprocessing areas
  • Removed deprecated end of chapter cutscenes

Minor Patch

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01 Aug

Added the first 15 inn character scenes Unlockable through the game, those character scenes will deepen the bonds between characters and give more informations about the lore of each character

(Warning: this video contains a scene that is part of those 15, don't watch it if you don't want to be spoiled)

More characters scenes are coming in the future!

Added new accessibility options in the game settings menu You can now choose the default battle camera mode in the game settings menu (between cinematic and tactical).

There is also an option to display the full battlegrid while in tactical camera, you can select the opacity of the battlegrid display in the game settings menu.

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31 Jul

30 Jul

As we focus on your gaming experience with this polish update for the Beta Release, we are improving monsters and classing them by type creating “families”. Lands will look more lively thanks to the addition of some monsters including two great families, one which started on Chapter V release and the other is totally new to the game. Please welcome the Slimes and the Dododiluses!

Slimes are a common trope to most RPGs. These slimy masses from the swamps of Heryon are masters when it comes to adapting - not only to their environment, but also to the attacks of adventurers trying to take them down. They easily shrug off physical attacks, and keep on evolving to resist the elements you use against them! The first slimes you might encounter, in the Herelsor Swamp, are sure to give you nightmares!
Their expertise at disguis... Read more
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/269190/announcements/detail/2739829755454664878]here[/url].

29 Jul

28 Jul


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Originally posted by Monstervillia:
Originally posted by Quvades Gaming: the game is about exploring the world...
but i made this for a friend who has the same problem xDD

since the game have a dirt road why not just show it in the map and if the game is about exploration why the map dont have fog of war?

Actually fog of war is planned but we didnt had the time to do it yet