For this second Community Update, we have continued to focus on Quality of Life features.

  • The final boss is now easier to defeat, his health points have been decreased

  • New icons have appeared in the "Inventory" menu

  • New weather conditions are now available from the Weather Stones: Sandstorm, Light rain and
    Heavy rain

  • Hunting boards have been visually improved

Patch Note
  • Final dungeon enemies have been rebalanced
  • Corroded Spawn in the Clockwork Field have less hit points
  • A puzzle has been removed from your journey through the Crelk Forest
  • The description of the "Haste" stat in the "Characters" menu has been revamped
  • The term "Heyr" now replaces the term "Gold" at vendors
  • You can now indicate if your game is up to date when you report a bug in game
  • Your party of companions will have their energy restored when the party falls asleep during events in Olphara Pass
  • Quests in Solna Plain that require a Nekaroo are now unavailable until you obtain your trusty steed
  • Auto-Battle mode can now be toggled on and off during the Red Widows' assault on the Jungle Refugee Village
  • Teleportation to Inel from Olphara Pass has been disabled to prevent softlocks
  • Ysoris' "Crippling Sweep" skill removes magic defense from enemies instead of giving it
  • The number of prey has been increased to make it easier to complete the various hunting contracts in Tyr-Caelum
What's Next?
The third Community Update scheduled for next month will bring many changes to the User Interface, new bug fixes and new features.

We are currently working on improving the start of your adventure. We look forward to telling you more about this in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your feedback
Your numerous feedback allow us to constantly improve your journey on Heryon and to offer you the best game possible. Feel free to share your feedback, suggestions and ideas on the Steam forum, the comment area below or more directly on Discord[]. Your feedback will always be read and taken into consideration by the members of the Eterniteam (Midgar Studio's internal team dedicated to Edge of Eternity).

You can also follow Edge Of Eternity on Twitter & Facebook[] to stay up to date on the game.

From Midgar Studio and the entire Eterniteam: thank you for your support. See you soon!💙
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

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