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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

For this first Community Update we wanted to improve the ergonomy and the general accessibility of the game. Several elements of Quality of Life have been revamped, many bugs have been fixed and new features have been added!

  • The resources for crafting new weapons now appear in a new dedicated sub-menu called "Resource". Here you will find all the materials you need to craft new weapons from the different workshops in the open world. For more convenience and accessibility, all resources can be filtered by category.

  • The old HUD icon for calling your mount Nekaroo has been redesigned from scratch to better match the interface aesthetic.

  • You can now double-click on quests in the quest menu to follow them directly instead of selecting them and clicking "Start Following".

  • The animation and VFX of the dandelions are disabled when you are on foot and will re-enable when you are on Nekaroo's back in the open world. While waiting for a dedicated tutorial that will come later, our intention is to make you understand that crossing them will only make your mount gain speed (which by the way is very fond of it!).

  • Press the "J", "C" and "P" keys on your keyboard to display the "Quest", "Crystal" and "Equipment" menus respectively. If you are playing with a controller, use the up, down and right arrow keys to display these two sub-menus.
Patch Note
  • The softlock of the tutorial in the Inel chest has been fixed
  • Various localization corrections in all languages
  • It is no longer possible to have Zandra in your party once you arrive in Inel
  • Changed the description of the quest "The Resurgent" which was spoiling the plot
  • The term "Restart" replaces "Restart the fight" during the puzzle phases
  • When the characters in the "Main" tab are changed, the "Tactic" tab will update without leaving the menu
  • The "N" key will no longer appear to activate the auto-battle mode when playing with the controller
  • The quest "Taint & Honor" now ends after the siege of Tyr-Caelum
  • Added a box "Is your game updated?" when sending a bug report through the pause menu
  • Added multiple invisible walls in the open world to avoid softlock
  • Fixed the bug that prevented the display of the Nintendo controller keys on the HUD
  • Fixed the bug that placed the main quest at the bottom of the quest list in Chapter II
  • Fixed the problem that prevented access to the "Equipment" menu
  • Fixed a UI window that remained in-game after closing the "Character" menu
  • Removed duplicate quest area in "The Resurgent" quest
What's Next?
The second update focused on Quality of Life is scheduled to be released next month and will bring new global improvements. Coming soon: a rebalancing of the final boss, a reworked UI, new icons in the menus, improved weather stones, improved save/load menu and many bug fixes.

Thank you for your feedback
Your numerous feedback allow us to constantly improve your journey on Heryon and to offer you the best game possible. Feel free to share your feedback, suggestions and ideas on the Steam forum, the comment area below or more directly on Discord[discord.com]. Your feedback will always be read and taken into consideration by the members of the Eterniteam (Midgar Studio's internal team dedicated to Edge of Eternity).


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From Midgar Studio and the entire Eterniteam: thank you for your support. See you soon!💙