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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

The fourth Community Update is available! It brings both major and minor changes to the User Interface to make the game experience as pleasant as possible.

  • Weapon and crystal stats are now compared in the corresponding menus. For better readability, selected and unselected weapons are automatically displayed at their maximum level potential.

  • Hints to the location of materials for new weapons are now displayed on the recipes at the various crafting tables.

  • The overall design and feel of the team's energy bar has been updated to be more consistent with the universe.
Patch Note
  • The project has been updated from Unity 2019.4.2 to Unity 2021.3.21, a performance gain can be noticed
  • You can now enable auto-battle mod by default in the "Game Settings" tab
  • Fixed a bug that impacted the minimap display in Herelsor City
  • Fixed the UI of selling items x10 at merchants
  • Added signboard Nekaroo animation to all signboards in the Solna Plain
What's Next?
Since last November we have improved, reviewed and corrected many elements through the New Game + and the four Community Updates. The rhythm of the next updates will now be less regular. The next one, scheduled for June, will be a major content-rich update that will renew the game's narrative flow.

We are currently focusing on revamping the Lighthouse dungeon (available during Early Access) and preparing to release all updates on all platforms (consoles included). Although, we are targeting Q3 2023 for a release on all platforms, we hope to be able to announce a precise release date in the coming weeks.

In parallel to these many works, there are many surprises to come. We look forward to sharing them with you!

Thank you for your feedback
Your numerous feedback allow us to constantly improve your journey on Heryon and to offer you the best game possible. Feel free to share your feedback, suggestions and ideas on the Steam forum, the comment area below or more directly on Discord[discord.com]. Your feedback will always be read and taken into consideration by the members of the Eterniteam (Midgar Studio's internal team dedicated to Edge of Eternity).


You can also follow Edge Of Eternity on Twitter & Facebook[www.facebook.com] to stay up to date on the game.

From Midgar Studio and the entire Eterniteam: thank you for your support. See you soon!💙

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