Since the Bestiary Update late in July, we didn't show you some stuff on the working progress content. Although today, we are proud to reveal several new features that we have implemented as well as some other suprises accross the open world... Have a look of the trailer below:

First of all, four new enemies now roaming in the open world of Heryon: the Valnakraai, the Ostophagos, the Noir Monarch and your beloved Stalker. Designed in colaboration with the Kickstarter's backers each one have these own abilities and caracteristics to get you out of play.

In order to beat them, you are welcome to use the new spell families, like the shadow, the water and the wind. Combined them thanks to the new weather UI to enhance your strenghts!

Thanks to your feedback, we have rebalanced the fights. The battles will now prove more challenging, whereas you're fight bosses or mere wandering monsters. Equip your crystals into the brand new gem patterns to triumph over the battlefield.

On a much calmer topic, you could find about ten new side quests in the open world also you can hear new inn dialogues if Fallon doesn't complain...

Lastly, Herelsor City got freshened up! From the former version designed in 2016, the heart of the Astryan Continent is now more consistent with the rest of the universe and got performance improvements.

You can now reach it even faster with the all-new Nekaroo dash, which you can trigger by riding through the dandelions sprinkled all over Heryon.

And most of all, don't miss the new NPC's animations over the different locations of the open world.

Full Patch Notes New Content
  • Added nine new sidequests
  • Eight new party inn scenes
  • Added four new monsters in the world (Valnakkrai / Ostophagos / Noir Monarch / Stalker)
  • Added new Spells for Daryon, Fallon and Ysoris
  • Features
  • Added Nekaroo boosters, you can now find flowers that can boost the speed of your Nekaroo accross the field
  • Fix overlapping text in Teleport interface
  • Fix overlapping arrow and console icon in Shop UI
  • Fix Ysoris Barrier causing some spell to not reduce HP to one
  • Fix Scan UI will now display the squashed stats
  • Fix Creature unable to move to a case to reach an ally
  • Fix Dialog bubble that could hide some interfaces
  • Fix Arc Selection not working properly
  • Fix Klaysha and Borborygm will no longer move when using ejection skills on them
  • Fix Big Orokko not having full HP on Highest difficulty when fighting in the camp
  • Fix Daryon Special attack costing mana
  • Fix Fallon Exploration Attack animation stuck
  • Fix some entities spawning at a wrong position
  • Fix missing icons
  • Fix missing drones during Myrna fight
  • Fix Softlock occuring during equipment tutorial if you already have an equipment set
  • Fix flamethrower/reactor decor interact that could cause no damage
  • Fix passive shield lost when receiving damages blocked by cover
  • Fix Tyr Caelym defense game over not occuring when Ysoris and Selene are dead but ally turrets are still alive
  • Fix Softlock occuring during battle moves
  • Fix Repulse node not triggering case enter event
  • Fix mobs spawning with missing HP in Nightmare difficulty
  • Fix Reynan Golem moving when they are able to merge
  • Fix Softlock occuring during Fallon Fight in Chapter 5
  • Fix Opportunity Attacks triggering when an enemies get healed
  • Fix Web state alteration not removed when dying
  • Fix Passive shield will no longer save characters from bosses finishers (Reinitialize, Apocalypse...)
  • Fix Theia Energy base skills not doing the right amount of damages
  • Fix Possibility to scroll indefinitely in the crystal interface
  • Fix Theia possible softlock occuring for PC layout
  • Fix some sides quests issues
  • Fix missing items in shops
  • Fixing Orokko SFX problems
  • Fixing colliders Solna plain, Elysian Field
  • Fix terrain issues in the Battelfield
  • Fix hole under a stair in the Mount Berenroth
  • Fix some floating asset at Inel and the Inn in the plain
  • Mantis will now stay in stun mode after receiving a hit during its stun phase
  • Changing some battle bonus objectives
  • Better transition when ending Kora Duel battle
  • Mercury phases will now switch after the end of special attacks (in order to understand what's going on)
  • DOT new effects
  • Battle interface is now showing elements affected by the weather
  • Improved gem patterns for all weapons in the game
  • Improved SFX of cutscenes of the last part of the game
  • Improved Final boss music
  • Added and improved NPC animations in the world
  • Staging NPC in the world
  • Reworked Herelsor city models to have better performance and be more consistent with the other parts of the game
  • Improved some controller scheme layout
  • New Damages formula
  • Reducing player backstab damages
  • Reducing Siege weapon damage
  • Normalizing damages for rift spells level 1 and 2
  • Normalizing Daryon Elemental attacks
  • Borborygm battle is now adapted to difficulty set
  • Items are now using a new formula for damages/heal value
  • Special attack bar fill speed reduced
  • Mercury overall balancing
  • Klayshaa in crystal cathedral will now summon adds after Heaven's gate is casted
  • Global heal reduced
  • Zandra will no longer have Thunder Rift
  • Dire Gurnn is now immune to paralyze alteration
  • Resistance and weakness of mobs
  • Reducing the liability of weather damage
  • More frequent collectable items in the game
  • New battle location for King Morom and adds
  • The fight against the three corroded eggs have more decors interact and the adds are more resistant
  • Food liabilities have been reworked

As always, we will continue to hear your feedback to improve the game. Feel free to reach us on {LINK REMOVED}Discord, on Steam's forum or by email at

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