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This topic give the actual patch note for the current test patch in the steam trunk branch, it allow adventurous players to test new features earlier and gives feedbacks on them, it's highly recommended to give feedbacks on the discord:

Actual Patch on the Trunk branch:

- Added the "weakness discovery" system allowing you to discover elemental weaknesses of enemies by trying spells / skills of an element on an enemy, also when killing an enemy you also discover his families "HP" so you can see HP of monsters you already killed

- Added a new targeting info tab ontop of the screen giving you more infos about the monster while targeting

- Rework of the rain weather to make it more immersive (more fog, grass, terrain texture and assets are now affected like they are wet)

- Added snow weather increasing ice damage and diminishing fire damage (also cover assets of snow)

- Bugfixes (especially related to auras)

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