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Hello, the game is made with a very low budget with only a few animator, we don't have the workforce to do lipsync like they do in AAA games so we cannot "fix it" it's the best a small team like us can manage on a game with multiple hours of cutscenes
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Originally posted by Remnar: Lame excuses "we only have a budget for a few animators" is not an excuse for bad quality. Fire them and hire competent and talented animators, even if you have to invest. Otherwise your game will be ♥♥♥♥ for quality and you will lose sales that otherwise could have paid for such investments.

Well, this is the game we made with our team with all our hearth and our time, the animation team (composed of 3 ppl) did it's best and are really talented but are working with few numbers and limited tools (for example Unity supports only linear transitions for animations limiting automatically animation transition quality, etc...), if it's not enough i suggest getting back to more AAA games, we do not care for those lost sales as we cannot pretend reaching them, EOE is an indie game with it's strength and it's weaknesses some people like it some not end of the story.

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