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Hello, at this point i suggest waiting a few days for the full release, we'll also do a small discount for the launch so you'll be able to save money
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You can play it now. We'll add minors improvements, bug fix and polish for the release. Your Early Access saves won't be broken :)
almost 2 years ago - Hirokoa - Midgar Studio - Direct link
Originally posted by Homer Morisson: Same here, for extra clarification and enhanced explanation™:

Check out this older thread asking the same question, with dev reply and my dev-approved thoughts.

Short version, once more:
It is possible to use an EA/Beta savestate, but it really isn't recommended, and should be considered a use-at-your-own-risk-kind of deal.

@Midgar folks:
Maybe pin this prominently, as the question does seem to crop up... probably will even more the closer we get to June 8th. ;)

It's a good idea! I'll do that :)

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