New Game +

This time it's the right one! After several weeks of development, iteration and testing, we are pleased to announce that the New Game + update is now available.

Begin your journey directly on the shores of Inel with your equipment, level, crystals, skills and spells. Enhance this adventure by activating the Mirrored World, which gives the environments a fresh look. Take a step back with the Big Head Mode, which will put a smile on your face when the going gets tough...

This update includes two new features: Weather Stones and Auto Battle mode.

21 weather stones have found a home on the soil of the Astryan continent. Meet them and choose between Clear, Heavy Snow, Heavy Rain and Fog weather to master enemy weaknesses on the battlefield.

A map is available to help you find them:

Ever dreamed of putting down the controller or keyboard and letting your computer fight for you? Now you can with Auto Battle mode! Combine this feature with the battle speed for fast and smart battles throughout your progression, whether it's against the simplest of Heryon's creatures or the most imposing of bosses (not recommended though...). You can activate this feature at will during each fight.

What's next ?

In parallel to the development of our unannounced project we have created a new team dedicated to the monitoring, maintenance and development of Edge of Eternity. We are currently working on a number of "Quality of Life" patches for the next few months. These patches will improve the overall player experience, fix long-broken elements, development errors, unfinished features, or stubborn bugs. We'd like to offer these patches in dribs and drabs, with one update per month, to ensure an optimized and polished experience.

New playable content is currently being considered. Unfortunately, the various remaining additions announced in the roadmap have been pushed back to 2023.

Patch Note
Update Content
  • Auto-battle
  • New Game +
  • Content transferred from the previous game:
    - the level of the characters
    - the equipment
    - crystals
    - skins
    - unlocked crafting recipes
    - unlocked dishes
    - The game starts at Inel.
    - Enemies are more powerful.
  • Different modes can be activated and deactivated at will:
    - big heads mode
    - mirror mode
  • You can change the weather with Weather Stones which are scattered around the world.
Fix: Many players' progress was blocked in the Vanguard generator room in Chapter 5. If you have completed all three battles and destroyed all three generators but the door still won't open, dash the switches to activate them manually.

As always, we will continue to hear your feedback to improve the game. Feel free to reach us on Discord[], on Steam's forum or by email at [email protected].
You can also follow Edge Of Eternity on Twitter & Facebook[] to stay up to date on the game.

See you soon!💙
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.