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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

As scheduled, the third Community Update is now available! Focusing more on the User Interface, this update brings new bug fixes, improves some elements and offers new features requested by the community.

  • Buying or selling items in batches of 10 is now possible at all merchants.

  • Immersive mode now removes all items from the HUD.

  • Two tutorials have been created to better guide new players through their journey. They will appear when you first go to the "Tactic" tab or use a "Weather Stone" in exploration.

  • The mouse cursor has been standardized across all menus and sub-menus.
Patch Note
  • Fixed a hardlock where you could face the Junkyard boss before meeting Ysoris
  • Fixed a visual bug in the craft menu
  • Fixed a visual bug when selecting a character on the "Main" tab
  • Fixed a visual bug that hid information on the HUD when fighting in controller mode
  • Fixed a tutorial window that appeared between two loading screens at the beginning of the journey
  • Added a list to select your game support when a bug is reported
  • Improved the UI when an equipped weapon is on the list of components needed to craft a new weapon
  • Improved combat against the Red Widows when defending the refugee village in the Jungle
  • Teleporting to Inel is now possible for players who have not unlocked the zone teleporter
What's Next? Next month's fourth Community Update will bring fixes and new features to the overall UI as we continue to improve your gameplay experience.

We're also looking forward to unveiling an upcoming update with more content that will dramatically change the entry point into the adventure.

Thank you for your feedback
Your numerous feedback allow us to constantly improve your journey on Heryon and to offer you the best game possible. Feel free to share your feedback, suggestions and ideas on the Steam forum, the comment area below or more directly on Discord[discord.com]. Your feedback will always be read and taken into consideration by the members of the Eterniteam (Midgar Studio's internal team dedicated to Edge of Eternity).


You can also follow Edge Of Eternity on Twitter & Facebook[www.facebook.com] to stay up to date on the game.

From Midgar Studio and the entire Eterniteam: thank you for your support. See you soon!💙

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