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We had the announcement, we tested on PTS, obviously they fixed whatever issue it had because they gave it to contest winners finally. WHEN are we going to see it in game? We have been waiting forEVER for it to drop. A little transparency here ZOS, please. If something goes wrong with a mount/house/skin/whatever after you announce we're getting it, it'd be nice to see some official word on what happened to delay said item and IF/when we might expect to get another update on it. We have not forgotten. We understand that Stuff Happens... Especially trying to troubleshoot something through working from home in a pandemic, we just want a little official word. Pretty Please??
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Hi All. Thanks for the follow-up here, @AyeshaBelladonna. Currently, we have identified some additional work we need to do for the mount and while we do still plan to release it, it's a little ways off. Thanks for your continued patience and stay tuned for details.