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18 Jun

Hey everyone, we appreciate your continued feedback and reports here. Just to clarify, there are a few different issues we are tracking and working on fixing:

[*] When automatically joining area chat, everyone’s mics are automatically turning on. While joining area chat isn’t a new feature, it’s certainly more noticeable now due to the fact that all mics are automatically activated. This is not intended and we plan to implement a fix in a future incremental patch.
[*] Your session preferences are also not saving across sessions, which is making the issue above exponentially worse.
[*] There’s an issue where you may be hearing players across different alliances which we’re also working on fixing.
Thanks for your continued patience here!
Hey all, if any of you used a disc to upgrade but had previously purchased a digital version of ESO and want to continue playing it without a disc please log in to the Sony website and purchase the upgrade there. It should then allow you to launch from your console. Direct link for US players and UK players

If that doesn't work for some reason please let us know and include a screenshot + your PSN name. Thank you!
Hey all, just confirming that the number of seals of endeavor you can earn will vary depending on the day and activity. We have more details in our preview article from a few months back:

In addition to other more common items, Endeavors reward a brand-new currency called Seals of Endeavor, with the amounts varying based on the day and challenge level of the Endeavors themselves.

Hope this clears things up!

17 Jun

Hey folks,

Thanks so much for reporting this issue, the tooltip for the Sweetroll does in fact need to be updated and the article is accurate. We will be sure to update the tooltip to match what the article says.
Thanks for the report! We're aware of this issue and are working on getting it fixed for a future incremental patch.

Does it need to be the killing blow?

Nailed it. It does need to be the killing blow, however, we are working on fixing this so that isn't a requirement.

No weekly endeavor yet. Was this intentional? Does it start with next weekly reset?

@ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom

Yes, the weekly Endeavors will begin on Monday.

16 Jun

Hey all, just wanted to confirm we've seen this thread and that the survey node spacing will be adjusted in a future patch. Thank you for your feedback!
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This is the official discussion thread for the "Endeavors Arrive with the New Iron Atronach Crown Crates" blog article.


Here's a full list of all the rewards contained in Iron Atronach Crown Crates:

Radiant Apex Rewards:
[*] Viridian Iron Steed
[*] Black Forge Iron Senche
[*] Sunflare Iron Wolf

Apex Rewards:
[*] Iron Atronach Horse
[*] Iron Atronach Bear
[*] Iron Atronach Camel
[*] Iron Atronach Guar
[*] Iron Atronach Senche
[*] Iron Atronach Wolf
[*] Iron Atronach

Legendary Rewards:
... Read more

This is the official discussion thread for "Console Enhanced Now Live for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5"

Experience Tamriel unleashed when playing on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 consoles, now live!
Hey everyone, thanks for all your reports on this. Just wanted to touch on a few things called out:
[*] It is intended that you automatically join zone chat
[*] It is NOT intended that you automatically join with talk enabled - this is a bug that we will fix in a future incremental patch
[*] It is also not intended that you can hear chat across alliances, which we're also working on fixing
Hey all, we're working on a fix for this to hopefully include in the next incremental patch.

15 Jun

Hey all! Glad to see some of you found the download. Here are the exact steps if anyone needs them:

On the PlayStation 5, navigate to the PS5 version on the PlayStation™Store by either using the overflow menu “(…)” on the ESO game hub or by opening the PlayStation Store and searching for “The Elder Scrolls Online: PS5 Upgrade”. You can then begin the download from the PS5 product page. Note that you may have to go through the normal purchase and install process as if you have purchased a new game (it will be free).

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