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Hey all, for those of you who are having issues with the memento can you let us know if your character has a personality equipped?
This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "Meet the Character—Ard Caddach"

Is it truly possible to rule the Reachfolk? Only one has the strength and the will to even try. Learn about the indomitable “Despot of Markarth,” Ard Caddach, in our latest Meet the Character.

27 Oct

26 Oct

24 Oct

23 Oct

Hey all, we just completed a hotfix for this issue and it should now be resolved. If you have any other problems completing the memento please let us know!
Hey @LeglessUK we're looking into this, thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Hey all, if your purchased berries aren't showing in your collections can you let us know platform, server, and User ID so we can look into it further?

22 Oct


The issue with the Indrik Berries should now be resolved. Thank you for your patience!
Hey folks,

The quest starter should now be available on all platforms. We are still working on resolving the issue with the Indrik Berries.

When do they post?

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