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Hey folks,

Thank you for providing your reports. We wanted to let you know that we are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in a future update.

19 Jan

Hey all, just wanted to confirm we have incremental patches planned for console and PC next week. Thank you for your patience.

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15 Jan

For those of you who are receiving error 500 can you let us know your user ID and when it first started happening so we can investigate further?

14 Jan


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13 Jan


Thank you for the clarification above!

What does "players were erroneously granted extra skill points based on the number of Champion skills they purchased" mean? Do you mean champion skills purchased from the crown store?


Sorry, no. This is referencing Champion Skills unlocked, not "purchased" in the sense of purchasing through the Crown Store.


One thing I would like to know is: Will skill point reset be on PTS for update 29 too ? I mean each time there is a PTS we have our characters coppied to PTS. 1st 2 weeks are NA characters and 2 next weeks we have EU characters.

So will we be able to test if it works (before it will go live with Update 29) ?

Yes, all skills will be reset with each character copy during PTS.

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Due to Inauguration Day in the United States falling on Jan. 20, we are moving our Global Reveal Event for Gates of Oblivion from Thursday, Jan. 21 to Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 5PM EST/10PM GMT.

12 Jan


@ZOS_GinaBruno apologies, I am still a little confused. Does this mean I will need to replace all my.skill points on all of my characters? I don't mind I am just after clarification 👍

Correct, once Update 29 launches (we haven't announced a date for this yet, but figure it'll be in Q1).
Hi everyone,

When we launched Update 28 on PC/Mac back in November, some of you ran into an issue where the Soul Trap or the Werewolf Ultimate skills had unmorphed. When attempting to re-morph these skills, they would continually reset and cause you to lose a skill point each time. Each attempt to refund missing skill points in subsequent incremental patches was unsuccessful. As we continued to further investigate the entirety of the issue, we discovered numerous other bugs that were contributing to a much larger and more extensive problem. In this post, we’ll elaborate on the current issues and how we plan to address them.

First, we need to take a step back and look at the skill system itself, which reallocates skill points in two different ways:
[*] Respec-ing, which grants a full refund of all points based on system tracking, completely ignoring allocated points
[*] Refunding, which measures allocations against... Read more
Hey there @TochTom thank you for providing this report.

We wanted to let you know that we are aware of this issue and investigating a fix.

When do they post?

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