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@Rogue_WolfESO We are not seeing any abnormalities on our side at this time. Please submit a ticket and we'll have someone assist. We'll also pass your feedback on to our teams right now to see if there is anything else that could be causing the issue. Thanks.


HI @Karivaa, thanks for reaching out. We are aware of the issues players are having with logging into NA Megaservers across, PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Our teams are investigating now.
Hi, @lurkin777. We are aware of login issues occurring and our teams are investigating. We'll follow up as we learn more. Thank you.
Hi All! Now that many of you have taken some time to play the Zeal of Zenithar event, we wanted to get initial feedback on the event from players.

[*] Are you enjoying the event so far?
[*] What have you liked so far about Zeal of Zenithar?
[*] Has anything been confusing?
[*] Anything you wish was different?
[*] Any additional thoughts?
The plan is to share this feedback with the events team for their consideration for future iterations of this event. Thanks everyone for your feedback!
Curious to see what lies ahead for Update 35? Our updated Roadmap is here to give you a sneak peek at what’s on the horizon for ESO in the coming months. Link to the web version is available here as well.

Hi All, this is your round-up for all of the articles shared over the last week (June 26, 2022- July 2, 2022).

Link To Article "Get A Free Mount, Crates, and More with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate"
"For a limited time only, you can unlock special in-game items and collectibles with your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription."
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@MyNameIsElias We'll have information on ESO Live this week. And we will be posting combat preview this week as well. We'll share those on our social channels as well as here on the forum.

04 Jul

03 Jul

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01 Jul

Hi All. As others have mentioned, please try unlinking and relinking your Prime Gaming/Amazon account and ESO accounts. Then relog into the game. If you have tried this a few times and still don't have the rewards, please submit a ticket and then let us know the ticket number. We can follow up with customer service to find a solution.

30 Jun

Hi All, wanted to touchbase here. We are aware of this issue and have shared this thread with the dev team. They are investigating now. We'll update once we have more info here.
Nice find, @Lostar! This is one of the special encounters out in the world!

So to be straight up here, it does not apply any benefit like an XP buff or anything like that. However, the buff does get applied to other special event encounters. They are peppered throughout the world in different spots, so we encourage everyone to keep their eyes open for these events once you have Zenithar's Blessing. (Being vague on purpose here, the team is excited for players to discover some of these.)