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09 Apr

Hey there @mamericus

As our Sound Master has called out with other songs:

Most of the vocalizations in ESO's music are sung in a syllabic "dead language" that we came up with for the game. That is - they are words and syllables, but they don't actually translate to anything meaningful. So don't go crazy trying to figure out what they mean. :)

We were able to catch up with our Sound Master and he confirmed that this applies to the Blackwood Theme as well. We hope this clears things up! :)

08 Apr



Thank you, @gref! We're doing some additional investigation on this.
Thanks for the information, everyone. Could you also let us know if you're using an external hard drive?
Those of you still experiencing this issue, could you please let us know what server and platform you're on? We see a few mentioning the Xbox servers and one PS4. Thank you!
Hi all! We can confirm that the third and final fragment for the Deadlands Firewalker Personality will be available during our next in-game event, Midyear Mayhem, in June.
Hey @James-Wayne! We're happy you like that piece of art! We do have a full suite of wallpapers featuring it in progress. We should be releasing them sometime in the next couple weeks, so keep an eye out on the website or our official social media channels. Thanks!

07 Apr

Hi all, we can confirm that we have a bug in for this and a fix is planned for a future update. Thank you!

This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "Blackwood Preview—The Zone"

When exploring the new zone in The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, you will discover a world caught between two worlds. Learn about this diverse and colorful part of Tamriel in this preview.
For those of you continuing to run into this issue, could you please clarify which model Xbox you're playing on? Thanks!
Hi all, we just wanted to confirm that we've seen this thread and have a bug in for this. Thank you!
Hey folks,

We wanted to let you know that we are investigating your reports and any additional details that you can provide, such as the specific house or item that you experienced this issue with, would be helpful!

Please also let us know if the item reappeared after logging out and logging back in.

06 Apr


So after the whole Playstation fiasco, is there any word on how long the extension will be? I've heard anything between 1-2 days and a week, but nothing in stone.

Just edited the first post for clarity but the Anniversary Jubilee event has been extended until Thursday, April 15 at 10AM EDT.
Hi all,

We wanted to confirm that we've seen your messages here about some lingering issues with invisible monsters, boss animations, and boss mechanics visuals not showing after the recent incremental patch. We're investigating - thank you for providing helpful specifics in your posts!

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