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15 Jan

14 Jan

Hi All. I have some answers for you. Also, if you are looking for a player created guide, our community spotlight, Brah We Got This has a great guide to reference. I've linked to that here. Feel free to ping if you have follow-ups and we can see clarification. Thanks all.

@EchoesofThunder- We'll have more info on Mid-Year Mayhem soon. Keep your eye out on our social channels.
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It's pretty sweet! That's the Regalia of the Scarlet Judge. Here's some info.

13 Jan

Hey @ZeroDPS. Thanks for the feedback and thought toward improving the player experience for both new and existing players. We'll keep tabs on the feedback here and pass along the thread for future consideration after more players have been able to share thoughts.

Thanks and look forward to the feedback!

This is the official discussion thread for, "Community Spotlight- Brah We Got This"

Thousands of players from The Elder Scrolls Online community enjoy Adam “Brah We Got This” Lutz’s videos for helpful tips and tricks. Learn more about the man beyond the guides in this new Community Spotlight!

12 Jan

Hi @dragonlord500. We reached out to some devs to ask about the chest piece. It is a modified version of the Waking Flame Motif. So not exactly obtainable. However, they noted a few ways to get close. We have also made note of it for dev consideration in the future. I hope this helps.

[*] The Sai Sahan's Jack outfit style can get something close to that open chest look.
[*] The helm is obtainable as gear by completing The Cauldron on vet and the shoulder can be obtained as gear from Urgarlag Chief-bane Mystery Coffers in the Undaunted Enclaves.
It’s long past time to give everyone an update on where we are with PvP improvements. As many of you know, we did a series of tests over the last year to give us more data. These tests were successful and gave us the information we needed. We now have a plan going forward - but heads up: it is going to take some time.

In short – just like we did for the client a year or so back when we introduced multithreaded rendering to increase client frame rates – we are going to rearchitect our server. The version of ESO in 2022 is many magnitudes larger and more complex than the ESO that launched in 2014. So, in order to give everyone a good play experience in high-intensity situations like PvP and Trials, we need to essentially rewrite some of the foundational server code to account for it. This should dramatically increase server performance, but obviously we will need to test and evaluate as we go along.

We’ve been planning this for the last quarter and we’re starting work... Read more
Thanks for tagging me, SilverBride.

Several of us have been keeping tabs on and reading this forum post over the last several weeks since starting it up. We will be going through this thread to build out a report specifically on this topic and sharing that with the team at large for their consideration in the future. We think this thread will be helpful to get to the root of player concern on various sides of this conversation of overland difficulty. So thank you all of the time put into having lively discourse around the topic.

Beyond that, nothing to report now, but we will be working toward having a more detailed answer regarding overland content in the future.

11 Jan

10 Jan

First off, thanks to everyone for participating in all the Battlegrounds queue tests over the past few months, including the most recent addition of Deathmatch-only queues over winter break. We were able to gather a lot of data from these tests regarding Battlegrounds participation and ultimately found it did not significantly affect the participation and population, and also took into account the feedback received about the majority of Battleground games being Deathmatch. We did see the suggestions for adding additional queue options and considered those as well, but doing so would splinter the Battlegrounds population too much and would lead to much longer queue times; we want to ensure the healthiest population and player experience. As such, we are making the call to remove the Deathmatch-only queue option.

Starting in Update 33, the default option for Battleground queues will be “Solo Random” and the dropdown selection will have “Group Random”. Remember, the group queue... Read more
Hi everyone! The next server to receive the sharding and cold storage updates is PS4 NA, which is scheduled for next Wednesday, January 19. As with the previous maintenances, expect this to take several hours to complete. Thank you!

09 Jan