24 May


Official Discussion Thread for Article, "High Isle Preview—Exploring Tales of Tribute’s Patrons"

"Get an inside look at the Tales of Tribute card game’s starting four patrons and learn how to master them on the tabletop."

17 May


Official Discussion Thread for Article, "Community Spotlight – ESO-Hub’s Build Editor"

Link: https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/news/post/62153

"Content creators @Woeler and @Alcast join us to discuss ESO-Hub’s latest project, the ESO Build Editor, that allows anyone to create character builds and share them with the community."

Official Discussion Thread for Article, "Update 34 Preview—Spanish Support, Armory Updates, & More!”

Link: https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/news/post/62129

"Learn more about the base-game improvements, fixes, and additions arriving free for all ESO players with Update 34."
We're live with our Tribute Tuesday stream on twitch.tv/bethesda! Tune in and learn to master Tales of Tribute with Senior Community Manager, Gina Bruno and Lead Content Manager, Dominic Davies. Play a match with them by tracking down this character on PTS!

*Drops will not be available for this stream.

[Edit] For those who missed the stream, we have the VOD available here.


Official Discussion Thread for Article, "Meet the Character- Lady Arabelle"

"Soldier, spy, and all-around problem-solver, the enigmatic Lady Arabelle has held many titles in her lifetime. Learn more about Arabelle in this new Meet the Character."

16 May


Official Discussion Thread for article, "Discover the History of High Isle with a New Story Trailer"

"Learn about the lore of the Systres and the new threat that promises to undo what generations have fought to preserve."


12 May


This is the official discussion thread for article, "High Isle Preview- Dreadsail Reef Trial"

"Capture a fearsome pirate queen in ESO’s new 12-player Trial, Dreadsail Reef! Preview this new PvE challenge coming soon with the High Isle Chapter."

11 May

Major congrats on 1m views! This is such a great thread and we really dig everyone's creativity here. Onwards to 2m!

10 May


Official Discussion Thread for article, "Watch Actor Billy Boyd Break Down his Fun-Loving High Isle Character"

"Check out this behind-the-scenes video and learn more about Billy Boyd’s High Isle character Brahgas, the affable gambling Wood Elf."

Official Discussion Thread for article, "Meet the Character- The Ascendant Lord and The Magus"

Learn more about the sinister Ascendant Lord and Magus, the two powerful leaders of the Ascendant Order.

Want other Meet the Character Content? Check out our last Meet The Character with companion, Ember.

06 May

Hi All, we are aware of the situation regarding Xbox players not being able to login. We are investigating now.
Okay, so here is the rundown of the process, after consulting with the Dev team. We are going to use Sithis as the example.

So when you want to gift Sithis to another player, you will go to the Sithis Item on the Crown Store and hit the gifting keybind (F on keyboard/ right stick on gamepad).

Once in the menu for Sithis, you will skip the dropdown menu where you select "As a gift". This should be selected by default, and engaging with the dropdown will cause the gifting issue. So you will skip the dropdown and go to "Enter User ID". That is where you will place the recipient of the gift.

Once selected, you should be able to carry out the rest of the process as normal. This process is easier to do on keyboard vs. gamepad. Mainly because if you click on the dropdown, you can alt out of the dropdown selection on keyboard, while a gamepad will make that a bit more difficult.

If you run into any hangups with this workaround, please let me know. Happy ... Read more

05 May


Official Discussion Thread for "Meet the Character- Ember"

"What do you get when you mix an aptitude for magic, loads of charisma, and a habit for getting into trouble? Find out! Learn about Ember, one of High Isle’s new Companions and our latest Meet the Character subject!"

04 May


This is the official discussion thread for, "High Isle Lorebook Preview- The Society Of The Steadfast"

"Get an early look at one of the High Isle Chapter’s lorebooks and learn a little more about the noble Society of the Steadfast."
Hi All! With Jester's Festival in the rearview mirror for 2022, we're sharing some of the stats from the event! Seems like y'all have a great throwing arm. Check out the stats below and let us know your favorite part of Jester's Festival.

03 May

Hey all, wanted to follow up here. The team is aware of this issue and identified a fix. They are working on this now. We’ll follow up once we have a date for the fix.
Hi All, we wanted to follow up on the post here and the general sentiment about asking/discussing PvP in chat during livestreams. We agree that noting terms like "PvP" and "Cyrodiil" should not be timed out when players ask or referenced the topic in our livestream chat. The moderation shown in the clip was a bit heavy-handed. We have talked about this internally, updated our moderation training, and made sure everyone is clear that conversations around core functions of our game, like PvP, should not be timed out or banned.

Please keep in mind that spamming those terms (or any terms) will be treated differently, as the action of spamming is disruptive to the entire experience. We understand that spamming was not present in this clip, but we want to highlight that there is a clear distinction between asking about/referencing PvP and spamming text blocks of the term.

Thanks everyone for following up on the video and the concern around moderation. We will continue to st... Read more

02 May

For those who missed the stream, here is a link to the VOD. We'll also have it available in the first post for reference.

29 Apr

Thanks everyone for taking the time to ask Lady Arabelle your questions! We'll be back in a few weeks with some answers from the Lady herself. We'll be closing down this thread for the time being and will update once we have answers for you!

28 Apr


This is the official discussion thread for "Crown Store Showcase- May 2022"

Gear up for battlefield glories and princely galas alike with these stunning new and returning items all available via the in-game Crown Store this May!

Let us know what you think of this month's offerings. Anything you like or want to see come back? We'll try to make it happen (though it won't be immediate."