over 1 year ago - ZOS_Kevin - Direct link
Hi All! We want to give just a few housekeeping reminders before the Global Reveal.

First, if you are looking for Global Reveal viewing info, please check out one of our latest articles here. There you'll find all of your need to know info for the reveal and Developer_Direct. We will also have global recap streams for various territories. The list for those streams is available here.

Next, remember if you watch via Twitch, to link your ESO and Twitch accounts. Having those connected before the stream will give you access to the Ritual Casting emote and one Ouroboros Crown Crate via Twitch Drops when watching the Global Reveal. You don't want to miss those!

Lastly, we will have an official forum thread going live after the Global Reveal. Those threads will serve as a place for community members to provide their feedback regarding our next adventure and the presentation. We look forward to seeing what everyone thinks of the next chapter for ESO.

Get your snacks ready and get comfy. This is going to be a fun show! Thanks all!