25 days ago - ZOS_Kevin - Direct link
Hi All! We're planning out the next few Developer Deep Dives and we want you to choose which of the highlighted poll topics we tackle first. For those unfamiliar with the developer deep dives, it's a blog series where ESO Dev Team members discuss various elements of ESO game design in detail. Players get to learn about our development process and philosophy and our dev team gets to nerd out a bit. For the next Developer Deep Dive, you get to vote on next blog focus out of the three topics below.
  • Item Sets
  • Delves and Public Dungeons
  • Stand-alone quests
  • (non-zone story quests)
We plan on covering all three, but the results of the poll will decide which topic you get to read about first. The poll is live now, and will be available until Friday, June 28 @10am ET. If the three topics mentioned are not of interest, let us know in the thread what topics you would like to see highlighted in a future Developer Deep Dive. Thanks all and happy voting!