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Hi everyone! It's me again with another post, (though this time quite short) regarding changes for frost wardens. As always it's directed towards @ZOS_BrianWheeler and @ZOS_GinaBruno.

We've received 1 small change to wall of frost this patch (in addition to seeing a lovely change to cutting dive to see it drop it's silly off-balance condition).

Wall of Frost and its morphs will now apply Minor Breach and reduce the movement speed of enemies by 40% for 4 seconds when damaging a Chilled target, rather than Immobilized them for 4 seconds.

Developer Comment:
[spoiler]In efforts to help reduce the amount of passive crowd control in the game, we’re shifting the power of Wall of Frost’s control to a snare, rather than an immobilize, while helping it gain some more use cases in PvE parts of the game.[/spoiler]

I think this change is certainly nice for players playing against the skill in pvp environments and for tanks and supports in pve environments, but i still feel that damage dealers would be better off with a different chilled based effect on unstable wall of elements, one that is more effective for damage dealing directly. As is, an increased cost for so many supportive based effects on our wall is relatively unhelpful when focused on being a damage dealer. I think it would be more beneficial to split up blockade and unstable wall of frost to each have a different focus. I believe that Blockade of Frost should retain these buffs, while Unstable Wall of Frost should have it's damage shields removed and cost reverted to match the other wall of element variations, while having it's chilled based effect swapped to deal more damage in some way. This way you could choose to either be more supportive, or to deal as much damage as possible. We have seen the massive success with having frost skill morphs focusing on either damage dealing or tanking/support. As this way, both types of players can get to have their cake and enjoy it too!

Thanks everyone. Enjoy the patch cycle.
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In chatting with the dev team, they provided some insight into Ice Staff. Ice Staff is a support weapon by design, so it is not intended to be optimal for every possible playstyle. Instead, the change addresses, as you accurately noted, making it less frustrating to fight in PvP and making it useful in more situations for PvE overall.




I concur!

yep. the changes are good, but there are still some underlying problems with frost dps skills.

There are definitely things to work on, and I'd like to unhinge Warden from Frost Staff (Which I doubt Zos will do at this point), but it's a weird thing, like Frost Warden is in a Goodish Spot, But I feel like the big gaps come from things like Destro Staff still being weak as a weapon. [list]
[*] Wall of Frost should have a larger divide between the morphs, one for Utility and one for DPS. having Breach and Slows on Unstable is pretty pointless as a damage dealer.
[*] Impulse - Pulsar providing Minor Protection is fine but for Elemental Ring, the "AoE DPS Morph" Minor Protection is useless. Maybe Frost Ring leaves frozen puddles on the ground that do continual damage for 3 seconds or something. That would be interesting
[*] Then there's the Passives: Equipping an Ice Staff reduces the cost of blocking by 36% and increases the amount of damage you block by 20%. // While an Ice Staff is equipped, blocking costs Magicka instead of Stamina. I still think that the "Tanking" Passives should be disconnected from Tri-Focus and Ancient Knowledge and have it's own dedicated Tanking Passive that people can Toggle on and off. Call it Mystic Sentinel or Something
[*] Also just as a flavor thing, Brittle still should be added to the Elemental force passive so it's in the game so people who aren't aware, know how to get Brittle

Anyways just some thoughts on Frost Staff