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Greetings Commanders, A new update will be available for Elite Dangerous Live/4.0 on Friday 5th July. This update focuses on improvements to the Thargoid War experience. Release Schedule - Friday 5th July 2024
  • 7AM UTC/8AM BST - Server off
  • 11AM UTC/12PM BST - Servers back online*
*Please be aware that these are approximate timings and as such are subject to change. Features of Note:
  • Ram Tah has been hard at work continuing his investigations of the Anti-Guardian Zone deployed by Thargoids. His most recent breakthrough now allows all Guardian Modules to have the Anti-Guardian Zone Resistance modification applied to them, without penalty.
    • The reduction to Guardian weapon damage has been removed
      • All weapons previously modified with the damage reducing modification have automatically received the improved modification
      • The AX Chieftain prebuilt ship is now delivered with the improved modification
Titan Multiplayer Improvements
  • A number of improvements to Titan instance stability & improvements to the Titan venting cycle
  • Reduced maximum number of Thargoid Ships within Titan instances
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"IstvaanDCIV, post: 10395770, member: 296258"
"All Guardian modules", does that mean anti-Guardian protection can now be applied to interior modules such as the Guardian FSD Booster, not just weapons?
The answer to this is "Yes" :)
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Update 18.07 is now available! Servers are coming back online, please allow time for all of them to come back online as some of them were up too late trying to get the high score on Bubble Bobble.
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"DemiserofD, post: 10397283, member: 251607"
I've tested it, and Guardian Fighters are still damaged by the Anti-Guardian Field. Any chance he could shield them, as well?
The Ram Tah breakthrough helps protect modules against damage. The fighters are ships, not modules, so the protection does not apply.

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