"Deserted-crib3, post: 9516290, member: 254875"

Lol yeah. 🤦‍♂️
I was thinking of someone else as I was typing.

You really were!
Ah! Some very clear captures of shadowy situations in this video - very helpful with further investigations.
It'd be great to gather more contributions from Commanders who might be suffering shadow shuffles like this kind on the handy ticket there with examples! Thanks so, so much for making it.

We'll also of course look into any legacy investigations of shadow issues we might have on this side. It may be that some may have been exacerbated following an update and we need to revist. Lighting is a temperamental thing!

I'd also like to echo, for anyone concerned over the issue tracker table saying that lighting was fixed for Update 6, the bulk majority was addressed from previous investigations and major reports, however we are still absolutely taking on any serious issues still happening with it morving forward, as individual issues, if they're reported and poked o7
"marx, post: 9497681, member: 16254"

Unfortunately, not only some finds still fail to register, but the Codex is also not 100% accurate: there are entries in there which are no longer present at their registered locations, and can't be found elsewhere in the region. In other words, it's impossible to get 100% Codex completion. (sending a ping to [USER=188830]@sallymorganmoore[/USER] on this, and yes, the issues were reported - and timed out)

Boofff...I'll add this to my investigation list. Sounds like a big one to turn through (...continued response below)

"marx, post: 9497681, member: 16254"

There's a list of Codex bugs that I've made, but it's incomplete, and I haven't added new ones since the beginning of Odyssey.

ESPECIALLY with this list being made in 2019 and as you say, being incomplete and not up to date (that's not me saying it's your job AT ALL to do by the way, that is INCREDIBLE that you even did it in the first place. I'm saying it's clearly something which needs a pass on this side for sure).

Thanks for the heads up!
"Robigo run" passenger missions could be worth looking into. If it matches your playstyle, it's been convenient in the past to travel between the two systems and paid well.
Hahaaa I'm here, I'm here.
I'm scattered about in other threads at the moment, being crazy noisy at times which aren't Thursday and breaking all the rules! Even pestering you lot at like...10pm last night because I felt lost without you.
Bear with me today, wonderful ones...I have a few things to...do.
Sorry to hear this seems to be a longstanding issue that hasn't been resolved. If you can find/make an issue on the tracker for it, I'll ensure it gets due attention. If making a new one, please make sure to include as much information as you can about the what you were doing when the issue occurred to help our team reproduce it.
"space voyager, post: 9446380, member: 26532"

Last time I got the lingering black screen, though that was also listed as fixed.

Aaaaany instances of this continuing (and I'm sadly seeing a fair few right now) I am MASSIVELY interested in some like...more help nailing it down (so sorry to ask).
What I'm specifically looking for at the moment is anyone who might have exited after using the Suit extras shop at time of exiting or near to exiting. This is so tricky...
Great post! I love the Viper (and the general niftiness of all small ships).
"Terry Daniels, post: 9473669, member: 286026"

No official response (that I've seen) since people started asking implies the die is cast. I asked in one of the live streams if either of the guys had modded a suit without using dev tools and was there a possibility of improving it in the future and the answer above and below mine got answered, so...

[USER=188830]@sallymorganmoore[/USER] (probably not fair to hassle you but it would be good to know if it's being looked at).

Don't you worry, you're never a hassle. Always a pleasure to chat when I have breathing room. It's IMPORTANT!! :)
Right so....spoilers....my word of the fortnight has been "Grind". Make of that what you will, but I'm definitely reading all of these things for that very reason.
Hey Paul - so sorry to hear of your situation. Commanders like yourselves who've been here from the very start have our biggest admiration and respect here at Frontier. I'm sure the amazing community will be all too keen to help you out - but you're welcome to add my personal account too, I'm CMDR Zacerhy.
"Vlad-the-wise, post: 9517777, member: 272960"


I recalled my Python on Laksak A1 - it had a bit of a problem though, as can be seen from the video.


What on...ear...th.
Thanks for the video. Will see what's gone on here.
Hello! Just popping in to say Dav just heard the hamster squeaks! On the case, Commanders o7
Just letting you know the 'Server Alarm' is heard o7
"Elliot Coleman, post: 9489841, member: 190703"

Maybe FDev want to finally kill ED off so they can focus entirely on making more park management games.

I'd be really, really sad if that happened.

"Navigare Necesse Est, post: 9494248, member: 96034"

They said they are looking to end reloggins and in good FD tradition I expect them to adress the symptom rather than the cause.


SO! Thought I'd pop my head in here because actually it was me that was talking about "The Grind" last week, casually throughout the forum.

There have been some instances where people have experienced the "relog technique" to mat collecting no longer working in areas they were always used to it working before, which caused a whole discussion (a REALLY good one) to cycle up.

It's from that discussion that I've started digging in for the guys on how things clearly need a balance check (me saying that will cause a LOT of eyes to roll like I'm coming in "brand new" to this, BUT I will jump in first and say I know it's been an issue for a very long time for many).

So with that (and I may regret saying this just before I'm about to end for the weekend - but obviously Monday will come around) I am looking to really knuckle in to refining out where the biggest and widely acknowledged aspects of "grind" lies and how we tackle to root cause of frustration so that relogging shouldn't be a relied upon action for farming...I mean jee, it's no gameplay, relogging for stuff, right? It'll take a little while but I'm massively into working on this side of things. Just needs to slot around the exciting, forthcoming updates but jsut wanted you to know it's been thought upon.
Hellooo, little cough once again but you all should be seeing things reconnect gradually now.
Sorry Commanders o7
It's a fun conspiracy theory the "All negative feedback is being silenced" but like most conspiracy theories it can be dispelled with just a small amount of investigation. Looking around the forums it should be quite clear that having a negative opinion does not get you banned. Anyone is welcome to share negative feedback, so long as it is constructive.

The only people having action taken against them are those breaking the rules, either by being disruptive to others, toxic or choosing to harass staff/individuals/teams. If someone is worried whether their comment might cross a line perhaps they should read it back as if it was being directed to them personally. Does it still come across as constructive and not aggressive?

It might be cathartic to go "RAAGH! YOU DO A LIE!" but there is very little we can do with that kind of "feedback".
o7 Commanderinos,

I don't know about you, but I need a bit of a distraction from this monstrosity of heat in the UK right now, so let's talk some Elite!

What are your plans in-game for the week? What are you enjoying at the moment? What's not so great?

Got any feedback or suggestions for me? Any FA-OFF advice? Stream ideas?

I'm particularly interested in knowing the ship you recommend learning FA-OFF in, something cheap please!

I'm all ears for the next couple of hours!

Edit: I'm signing off for the day, folks! Thanks for the chat!
"CMDR_Raikkonen, post: 9478202, member: 88221"

[USER=249391]@Bruce G[/USER] [USER=188830]@sallymorganmoore[/USER] [USER=266302]@Zac c*cken[/USER]

Do you have your finger on this pulse?

It breaks my heart that rolling guardian balls and bouncing sidewinders off a planet surface is upheld as creative ways of playing the game. Or you could see it as a cry for help that we just want to interact with each other more than shooty shooty combat.

Jumping in an SRV on top of your friends windshield was as close as we got to "interacting" in Horizons. Now we have Odyssey we need those interactions present.

[*]Sitting down
[*]Buying a drink
[*]Buying someone else a drink

It would make meeting up with someone in game more fun than just standing in front of them on the concourse staring at each other.

We've absolutley seen these funky ideas, for sure.

Not gunna lie (and being really frank with you right now), due to the current climate with mega issue tackling and "Fixing the Game", we've got this kinda feedback but it's in a slightly different column :) (I WANNA BUY SOMEONE A KALIMOTXO MYSELF!!!)
"Babaa Yaga, post: 9521760, member: 163373"

Still no Mbooni System Permit...come on FDEV. Get on this.

There's still plenty of time in the day!
Hello!! Sorry I'm a little late to the party! Things should be stabilizing now! Dav dived in following those lovable Hamster squeakings once more o7
Looking into this :)
Going in with the wild approach.

Greetings Commanders o7

Few things on the lists, but one of them I'm making a bit less headway in tracking than I'd like is the apparant increase in 'Crash to Desktop/Console Crash' occurances since Update 8/latest Horizons update.

Now, that's not to say there were no reports of CTDs/Console Crashes before Update 8/latest Horizons update.
We're totally aware that crashes still happen and the team continue to dig deep into diagnostics available to them - but I want to be a massive pain here.

This early on a Thursday and ask if you would reply to this thread for me with a few things if you're experiencing a sudden occurance of OR an increase in CTDs/Console crashes since Update 8/latest Horizons update.

The team think they have leads on some specific stability issues pre 8/Horizons update, that's great, we're working on those, but something else might be causing an impact and I'm up for trying this "info farming" approach this morning if you are? You never know, the results may prove we've already nailed it BUT...Just want to make absolute sure.

Info needed please (as concise a format as this below, would be lovely):
[*]In game Commander Name / Commander ID.
[*]Odyssey or Horizons encountered? (report from all platforms to me, throw them in the pot).
[*]Do you have any more information you can briefly summarisefor me along with this information please?
[*]I'm aware there are still a number of you experiencing CTDs using the galaxy map/system map for example.
[*]Entering Livery? Using the different Hubs?
[*]Instances of high action/high volume areas?
As I say, we're continuing to investigate internally, always, I just want to jump in here and provide any extra layer of support from individual player reports and logs we can dig into.

No need to provide logs directly unless asked o7

Thanks so much.
"CMDR Davanix, post: 9482307, member: 117514"

[USER=188830]@sallymorganmoore[/USER] any chance you can use your magical powers to have this boosted, theres a few on this but they never get anywhere due to not having enough "Popularity"

Haaappy Friday! Wellll sure, I can take a look. When you say there's a few one this, can I be a pest and ask where you've seen them? The more evidence and reports I can get hold of, the better :) Thanks!
My condolences to his family and friends.
"Anoobviaa, post: 9556139, member: 274132"

I did do this without a cm messaging me :p and completely alone, but a lot of luck I guess

You didn't see my message?!
"TonyFlury, post: 9581741, member: 199423"

I have had at least 6 crashes today while trying to mine tritrium, so i am getting maybe 20 or 30 units before I die and hve to skup back to my carrier to unload (either that or try to avoid the pirates).
I am curently in the Aries Dark Region IM-V c2-5 system - Planet 15 in the B Ring.

I don't know if anyone else is seeing those regular crashes to desktop.

I have submitted a crash report for each one under the commander name Flury - I am happy to provide any other debug information that might be usefull.

If I had an award for concise crash reporting, this would...be it!
Firstly, sorry it's happening this regularly. With all this juicy reporting though I'm sure we can get stuck in with figuring out what's going on. Thank you!!
"ADAMtheWELSHMANz, post: 9629735, member: 164411"

Fell asleep during stream (not an uncommon occurrence).

Did they ever respond to the many people in chat asking if the MLC's were coming to all versions or EDO only?

Glad to hear you find the shows so relaxing! We did confirm that MLCs will be coming to Horizons too.
"Inhibited, post: 9629696, member: 143154"

The article is an obvious propaganda piece by an "independent journalist". There has been no statement by any actual lore figures so far... Its an attempt to further illustrate and display another knee-jerk reaction along the lines of GRR BUGS BAD.

People who know the history of the Thargoid war know we caused this conflict, politicians and the industrial military complex deepened it to profit from it - what about the trade money from repairs? The pilots federation bounties that are magicked up by the bank of Zaonce - where do they come from? The whole economic system in this game is fiction much like present day economics.

The astuteness of this post is not lost on me for one. It is a deliberate cultural comment by the narrative team on in game culture - that mirrors populist media we have come to know and love in present day. What this news story represents is a shift of player politics into populism. Speaking for myself as an Alliance commander who understands that Liberty and individual rights the keyword of the Alliance's political mythos - what attracted me to comfortably play my character with that major faction - This is under threat by player actions and apathy. Unfortunately i am feeling further disenfranchised by the lack of opportunity to affect this outcome or even voice my opposition to it with actual in game events and gameply. Which is why i feel i have to virtue signal on public forums - gross ;(

I am both revulsed by and applauding this Galnet post. Right on the money.

Vox galactica? Fox Galactica?

Love this take.
Really interesting conversation, thanks for raising this one. I'll throw in my two cents.

I can't see a version of Open where PvP can be toggled off, even if there are many who would like to play that way. IMO, it would go against the spirit of Elite and certainly against the idea of "Dangerous". It's also not easily explained through in-game lore.

However, I do sympathise with those who would like to encounter and interact with other players during their sessions without getting killed. Obviously there are private groups for that, but it's understandably not quite same since you could only meet people you already know.

Overall, I think the solution to this would be better coming from adjustments to the crime and punishment system to make sure there are meaningful risks/deterrents in place for non-consensual PvP encounters rather than from a binary PvP on/off toggle.
Looking forward to this over the month! Great idea.
Security cameras have raised legitimacy concerns over this claim. Namely the back flip and triple spin into the hole.
"SyKo, post: 9527875, member: 181814"

Point is [USER=188830]@sallymorganmoore[/USER], if you send these issues up the chain (and I really hope you do cause the bug report staff aren't even reading their reports)

Noooo sweat, I don't expect you to go through the tens of responses I've done to the weapon values in this thread already but I can assure you that I've been on this since the update dropped and reports started coming in :)

"SyKo, post: 9527875, member: 181814"

Please note that odyssey and horizons are seeing different results. Some of what is fixed for them, is still broken for us.

We did have some fixes as you know, but today I'm taking all of these remaining ones to sift through, so things are happening. for sure. Thanks for the added info! o7
"Stephen_WS, post: 9525352, member: 285837"


I will not tell anyone how to do this to not break forum rules, but the Odyssey day one carrier duping bug is back in Elite.

This will affect many people accidentally, but then has the risk of transferring into a situation where everyone is duping nefariously.

Not the first report I've seen of this through my initial caffeine hit, that made my eyes go wide as heck this morning.
Absolutely on it o7
Heya! Thanks for this (I mean the screenie shows weirdness so I'll take it!).
Might not be extreme top of the priority list right now with so much going on but it's excellent to bag it up and keep!
Love this! Thanks for sharing!
"Old Duck, post: 9564449, member: 153554"

Frontier (specifically, Sally) has come out and publicly stated that they are focusing on people who currently like Odyssey and rather than those who do not

If you're singling me out there I'm going to feel the need to step in so -
If I have ever said that exact and specific line you're using there amidst all of the many past responses I've given regarding feedback, addressing key issues as part of updates (even those reported in Horizons), understanding player frustrations and giving as much insight as I'm able to into the continued plan for Elite Dangerous then...

Or maybe that's your take on us saying "we need to focus on the quality of Odyssey first before -"?
Greetings Commanders.

Right, listen up!
There are a lot of threads, a lot going on all over the place - let's condense it down to this thread of discussion so all eyes can hopefully be in one spot to farm and gather feedback on today's updates as we go, following deployment.

Today is pretty impactful in terms of what's gone into the game, so here to listen and report around.

Trying to stay out of bloating the update note threads where things dotted about all over the place could get potentially missed and such, so let's see how this works.


Greetings Commanders

Now that Update 8 for Odyssey is live, we'd like to reignite the series of balancing changes that started before Odyssey's release. Now, it's time to turn our attention to ship Engineering. We recognise there has been significant feedback for on-foot Engineering too, but we'd like to approach these one at a time due to the number of aspects involved. Specifically, we'd like to look at the balancing of the Engineering grind, which largely relates to...

Material Gathering
[HEADING=2]Availability and Time Required[/HEADING]
To obtain them as fast as possible, materials within Grades 1 to 3 are typically traded down from Grade 4 and 5s. To make them worthwhile to gather by themselves, should their availability and the rate at which they are obtained be increased?

Similarly, Grade 5 materials can be traded down into 3 Grade 4 materials within the same category. However, Grade 4 and Grade 5 materials take similar amounts of time to gather. Should the number of materials picked up per instance be increased to account for this?

We're also aware that some materials are much harder to find than others as they are tied to rarer BGS states. Let us know which materials ought to be made more readily discoverable.

Any estimates regarding how long it took to earn a given Engineered module by gathering materials will also be helpful in addressing this aspect of balancing.

[HEADING=2]Alternate Gathering Methods[/HEADING]
We appreciate that the repetitive nature of material gathering may not be for everyone. Some have called for ways to earn materials while engaging in the specific types of content they already enjoy.

We'd like to hear your feedback on the idea of unique missions offered by Engineers themselves. These could be repeatable and offer materials specific to the upgrades offered by the Engineer who issues them. Let us know what you think of this idea and how many materials this might offer relative to gathering the materials manually.

Another idea is to allow materials to be "bought" with items that are not obtainable at Commodities Markets. This could include things such as Exploration Data, Bounty Vouchers, Void Opals and Thargoid Hearts and would allow players to earn materials while playing within their chosen disciplines.

[HEADING=2]Rolling for Engineering Improvements[/HEADING]
Some time ago, Engineering was changed so that some improvement was guaranteed with each roll. However, the amount by which your progress towards the next module grade is still random. This means sometimes the same number of materials will produce a minimal increase. Should this be changed so that the same number of materials are always required to reach the next tier? This would allow Commanders to know exactly how many materials are needed.

[HEADING=2]Other Feedback and Suggestions[/HEADING]
Feel free to respond with other ship Engineering balancing feedback and suggestions that go beyond the ideas mentioned above. To keep the conversation on-topic and help us collect the feedback, this thread will be closely moderated. Please only reply with responses to the topics mentioned and keep feedback constructive. Unrelated or unhelpful posts may be removed during clean-up. If you find this has happened to your post, consider raising your points in another thread within the Dangerous Discussion section.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Someone coughed...the team are taking a look now! Hopefully just a little jolt o7
Did anyone hear something?
"LeoBartlet, post: 9577951, member: 136834"

Sally reading the forums at the beginning of every work day.

[ATTACH type="full" width="690px"]271740[/ATTACH]

"Kzak, post: 9603001, member: 56644"

[USER=188830]@sallymorganmoore[/USER] - is this something you could take a look at, please? Happens in both Horizons and Odyssey.

Got this now, so so so sorry for the delay on this - it's been an entire month rolled into a few days.
So sorry. Chasing.
"Sbirch123, post: 9609348, member: 248135"

[USER=188830]@sallymorganmoore[/USER] any update on this please


"Sbirch123, post: 9609750, member: 248135"

CG Fsds ticket link

I'm here, I'm here, I'm chasing this.
Sorry, with Update 9 moivng ever faster toward us and all of the other bits that need doing back here I'd LOVE to be able to come running immediately here on a ping, but I'm a bit on the slower side at the moment I'm afraid. I see you, I just need to get all of the ingredients cooking out in the kitchen here. Sorry for the delay in reply!
O7 CMD KCalo!

Thanks for the kind message in your post! I'll make sure to let the others know about it.
A weapon to surpass Metal Gear?!

This is not real.
"Sublime, post: 9774402, member: 256680"

Without any sarcasm, I think we can clearly credit the released update solely to the creation of this thread. It’s just how the universe works.

Correct, I saw avow's post and decided to write my update in the following 4 minutes.
"d8veh, post: 9857990, member: 107601"

and they're not bloated by countless community managers that do god knows what.

[ATTACH type="full" width="480px"]309279[/ATTACH]
Hello! These beacons are currently in testing and should be in-game soon.
Morning all, team are aware and investigating this one.
Hey there - can you create an Issue Tracker report for this please? :)

It was his scouting of railway tracks that really had people worried
Hello! Just swooping in on this.
We're just looking into the reports on our side and I'm also seeing similar things myself too.
The team are aware o7
Hey there - we're still working on the experimental effect side and currently advise against it.
"S~P, post: 9763005, member: 26174"

Don't know if you noticed that a 2+ rep haulage gets you more than a 2+ rep courier. Shrug, not sure why. I used to stack courier and haulage, made the grind go a lot quicker. :sleep:

Hi there,

No it doesn't.

It might have historically, but the "+" system has been based on the absolute value of the reputation change for several years now.

"St0rmFury, post: 9732438, member: 266151"

How do you pronouce SYNUEFE anyway.

Think of the most complicated way of pronouncing it and you'll be close.
Whilst I think the on-foot emotes have a lot of value, I do agree a similar system for ships would be beneficial. Tying that into NPC behaviour is a different kettle of fish though and would be a relatively more significant undertaking. The ship 'emotes' - how do you envision them working? Translated text into one of the game's supported languages?
Interesting post, thank you! As far as new content goes, the Azimuth saga has been regularly adding new mysteries in the galaxy for players to come together and solve. Similarly we saw the return of Galnet and Community Goals and like you said, the recent CG was a huge success in terms of player participation. There's still plenty more to come in terms of narrative, but as others in the thread have said, a lot of the beauty of Elite comes from the player-created events, which I'm hoping the Community Event Calendar will help support - as well as more frequent shout outs from us in the CM team via streams and weekly posts soon.
"Freyja, post: 9703547, member: 274928"

Is there anyone alive at FDev ?

I find the term 'alive' so very limiting.
Hi all. Just to let you know we are investigating this. If you can, please contribute to this Issue with any details you can provide.
Hey all - I'll chase this with the dev team :)
Thanks for the kind post, [USER=28578]@Vingtetun[/USER], I've passed it along to make sure the praise is received (and noticed).

Your lovely words are also appreciated [USER=132673]@The Lawful[/USER], I'm blessed to work with such a brilliant team. You've also earned the highest respect and admiration from us!
Hi there. The sale should not have ended early and is still on until the 11th. Our devs have investigated and it should now be available again.
Hi there,

I have seen no evidence of this actually being true.

There is a cosmetic issue on the aftermath screen due to an error in how the values are clamped and sent to the ui, which should be fixed for update 11, but the actual reputation effects are getting applied.

Thanks for the kind words - appreciate it's been a difficult few months but normal service has resumed.
Hi all! Just to let you know you're seen and we're on the case o7
I'll update asap.
This is all very much intentional and there have been no errors in testing. The undersuit (and all parts) get their name from the entire pack they belong to, as is convention. I understand on this occasion they are harder to distinguish in the chest pieces but the suits are all correct.
Hi Commanders!
Just a note to say this was passed along to the team and we've had word that a relog, as of now, should resolve this for you (a little 'magic wanding' from server side).
Big o7
Locking thread - Horizons 4.0 is not released yet, performance issue was separate and resolved :)
No spoilers, no secret messages...Just that some idiot put 'Drive' instead of 'Live'. That idiot will be severely beaten and punished as per protocol*

*That idiot is me. I have already stubbed my toe in penance.
Hi all!
We’re aware of some potential server disruption. The team are investigating. Keeping my eye on here o7
I've noticed a few Commanders expressing some lengthy times this morning with things. I'll continue to keep my eye on things with you all but just a note to say I've got this on the radar on our side o7
Got my eyes on this one! Awkward thing to say but...o7
"EidLeWeise, post: 9999484, member: 20478"

Heya [USER=188830]@sallymorganmoore[/USER] and [USER=186768]@Paul_Crowther[/USER] (and sorry for pinging you directly).

The new look Galnet looks great with nice pictures and formatting, However it misses something that was on the old page. namely a calendar and the ability to easily go back and look at older news stories.

We used to be able to directly go to: https://community.elitedangerous.com/galnet/uid/636cd8a5560dc809331f12e0 (for example) and we'd see the story, but on the left hand side there was a calendar that could be used to change date, which also let us do lovely things such as https://community.elitedangerous.com/galnet/31-OCT-3308 to pick a date that Paul might approve of :) I believe that there was also an RSS feed although I've not personally used that for a while. The content is technically there, and we can still directly link to stories (i.e. https://www.elitedangerous.com/news/galnet/kingfisher-xeno-peace-mission) however, to see older stories, we need to repeatedly hit the next and previous buttons.

Rolling forward is there any way to give us the ability to (easily) jump to a specific date's news, and even better to be able to search the contents of Galnet so that one can say type in "Kingfisher" and get all stories about the Kingfisher

Many thanks Cmdr Eid LeWeise

Hi all!

So firstly, our apologies for the confusion this has caused.
Secondly, after taking this feedback you'll now find the redirects dropped and all back to the usual service.
Bruce will post out some information on things a little later today for you :) Just wanted to jump in.
"Ozric, post: 9999558, member: 8418"

The redirects have been reverted. There will be an info post incoming.

Once it's up I'm going to lock this thread, just to avoid any confusion.

Again just to thank Ozzy for being on this but to also share my own little voice on the matter -

We're really sorry for the confusion and inconvenience caused with this. I've taken the feedback and we've had the necessary discussions to get the redirects reverted - Bruce is now going to take the baton and get information on what happened here out a little later today.

Big o7!
"MVBanks, post: 10070817, member: 250274"

Of course it's not drama, we don't criticize payment reduction, it's not very important, but we speak about to not mention it in patch notes. Disrespect to the players, that's it.

No disrespect was at all intended, I can personally assure you.

Feedback will be taken exceptionally seriously tomorrow and I’ll personally look into what has occurred with these reductions.
The greatest fashion requires the greatest will

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