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Since I have upgraded my PC (14900KF, 3080TI, 32GB Ram and fastest M2) and therefore had to reinstall Elite, I have sometimes this graphical glitch(?), I'll try to explain it as good as I can, as it always happens so quickly but still is pretty irritating:

Either the c*ckpit itself or the whole galaxy would in a split second would 'overturn' and snap back, like if my ship (or the galaxy) would 'roll' approximately 30° in an instant and snap back. It's pretty random and I can't see a pattern, which makes it hard to record.

I'm trying to figure out if this is a me problem, respectively if anyone else encoutered this and if there's a fix?

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Hi there! Please send us a ticket via https://formcrafts.com/a/ed-mainmenu so we can look into this with you :) – Nova

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