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Hello. I have the game on Epic Games. When I press "Play" in the launcher the game does launch fine, but if I want to launch it again sometime later after exiting the "Play" button simply does not work, not until I restart my PC, and I'm not gonna lie here restarting my entire PC just to play again is very annoying.

I have already tried many solutions around the web, from verifying files through reinstalling the .net framework and ending on reinstalling the entire game. Nothing works. Any ideas as to why this happens? Any fixes? I'd really appreciate any help.

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Hello CMDR,

Sorry to hear you have had these issues, if this is still persisting please do open a ticket via: https://customersupport.frontier.co.uk/hc/en-us/requests/new

Our team will then look into this further for you. :)


Originally posted by pablo603

Thanks for replying! I sent a support ticket already shortly after creating this post.

Excellent, hopefully we can get you back in game soon. :)

- CMDR Zenit

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