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I have the standard Xbox Series X controller and cannot get it to work--only on Elite Dangerous. I want the default Xbox bindings, but they do not seem to appear. My options for bindings are shown in the picture attached.


The closest option is Generic Joystick, but this is definitely not the default Xbox controller bindings. When I click a control function to remap it and move the stick it says "[JOY X-AXIS]". This controller works flawlessly for every other game I have ever tried it on. It is connected via bluetooth. I run ED via Epic Games. How can I get default Xbox controller bindings?

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Hi there, please try the following steps:

Open Device Manager

Right Click "Xbox One Controller"

Select Update Driver Software


Let me pick

"Microsoft Xbox One Controller"

If this doesn't help, please get in touch at https://customersupport.frontier.co.uk/hc/en-us and we can investigate further for you.

- Vostok

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