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Greetings commanders! As many of you out there, I just migrated from PS4 to PC via migration portal. Yay!

However, After many years of PS4-controller-based flying, I can’t do keyboard flying and lost 3 ships to that mean station laser trying to take off via keyboard!

Im trying to re-bind the controller but ran into the issue where on the PC, Elite seems to register controller button presses instead of releases. This leads to buttons combos not working (circle + down arrow boosts the ship instead toggling the landing gear because circle is assigned to boosting). Any suggestions on solving this?

About that little program called DS4… do I need it? It’s sept/2022 and windows 10 detects the PS4 controller just fine, even over Bluetooth. Would DS4 help the button combo issue?

Lastly, no I’m not running Elite via Steam. I could but Elite is THE game for me and I would rather avoid middle-men when launching it and playing it.

Thanks a bunch and remember to be kind if you’re around Robigo and what seems to be a drunk commander scratches your paint; remember he’s pretty good at flying but can’t seem to remember the function of 102 keys.


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With the PS4 controller connected, if you change the in-game control preset to 'Control pad default' that should provide you with a similar control scheme to that of the PS4.

If you need any help on this, please feel free to send us a support ticket via: https://customersupport.frontier.co.uk/hc/en-us/requests/new

- Ikaros

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