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i installed the game via epic launcher 2 days ago , signed up using the frontier launcher and linked the account to epic account , everytime i launch the game it gives me an error ( couldnt connect to the authentication server ) then another pop up message ( you have been logged off as your account isnt available ) i tried restarting the game , logging off and back on , opening the game via epic and via the frontier launcher ,waited for alot of time to try again and restarting the whole computer . nothing worked so i didnt get to enjoy the game yet
note : sometimes when i login using the frontier launcher after providing the code that comes into my email it gives me a message that says i have to claim or redeem the game even though i own it in the epic store

any help would be much appreciated.

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I added the game back then but i only got to installing it two days ago , i will try contacting support , thanks for your help

Hey there. We'll be happy to help with this : ) You can reach us here:

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