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So my friend started playing again and I wanted to help them out. we decided to do some good old fashion space trucking but for whatever reason when we are in a wing and either of us tries to sell the game crashes with a yellow adder error. if we're not in the station area together both of us can sell fine. I'd just like to help a friend with trade vouchers but the game says no. anyone have experience with this?

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Hello CMDR, Sorry to hear about your issues with this. We are aware of players being very likely to experience this error when selling goods as part of a wing and our QA team is currently working on a fix, we hope to have this resolved soon.

- Vostok

almost 2 years ago - /u/frontier_support - Direct link

Originally posted by AceFrehley03

Any progress on getting this rectified?


This issue is still very much being investigated but we don't have a specific time frame as to when this'll be resolved- apologies for this.


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