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I am at Jameson Memorial and the Class 3 fixed Guardian Shard Cannon is not even on the list of the Tech Broker, but the Turreted one is. I am in Horizons on PS4. I have the materials to unlock it and tried to do so at Bright Sentinel in MBooni but it gave me a Class 2 modified Gauss Cannon instead of the fixed Class 3 Shard Cannon and used the materials for the shard cannon for it. Is there something going on I am not aware of? Anyone else have this happen?

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I had 54 Micro Controllers and it required 18. I now have 36 in my inventory. So i know it used them. And the weapon did not show up in storage. I even logged out and back in but no weapon.

Hello CMDR, if you can get in touch with us via https://customersupport.frontier.co.uk/hc/en-us with as many details as you can provide, we can investigate this for you to see what's happening here.

- Vostok

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