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EDIT: It just started working out of the blue while I had the launcher open in the background, so my issue's solved. The only thing I did was add a billing address on my Frontier account, which could be connected to it suddenlt working.

Registered a copy of the game on my second Steam account using a code from the Humble Bundle, and it redeemed successfully, but when I try to sign in on the launcher with the new Frontier account I made for this purpose, the launcher says "Please purchase/redeem Elite Dangerous to continue". I even linked the Steam account to the Frontier account through Frontier's website, but it doesn't seem to want to recognize that this account owns Elite. I've used "log out machine" while signed in to my first account, restarted my PC, but it still gives the same error.

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Hi there CMDR,

If you are having any issues still, don't be afraid to open a ticket with us here:


And we can help sort you out. :)

- CMDR Zenit

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