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I have sufficient storage space on my ship (64), and when I get under the hangar I can’t dock my SRV because I have ‘excess cargo’. I’ve tried the right inventory panel, too, and when I go to transfer my cargo it tells me my ship is full. I had a few limpets kicking about so I abandoned them (sorry, little ones), but still the problem persists.

I’ve exited my SRV, entered my ship, checked cargo, and there isn’t even a transfer option. No cargo in my hold. Exit ship, enter SRV, checked cargo, opened-up my transfer panel, ship cargo is full.

Anyone have this happen to them and/or have a fix for this?

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Sorry to hear you have had these issues! If this is still occurring and you need further support please do open a ticket via https://customersupport.frontier.co.uk/hc/en-us/requests/new

Also if you believe you have encountered a game bug please do report this on the issue tracker https://issues.frontierstore.net/, our QA team can see these reports and can then look into any game issues further.


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