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Long story short, a bunch of f*ckery happened trying to do my console transfer, I couldn’t log in, submitted a ticket, ticket got responded to a few days later saying I could log in now and do my transfer, I log in, the site says my account is locked, I reply to the ticket email saying I’m locked out, no response in the last few days.

Do I need to just wait this out? If so, does anyone know how long? Or should I submit a new ticket? Does FDEV even see tickets on weekends? Do I @ support on twitter? I just want to play odyssey.

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Hi there! Please do send us a ticket via https://customersupport.frontier.co.uk/hc/en-us so that we can look into this with you :)

We do respond to tickets at weekends but we are a little busier than usual currently, so it may take a bit longer for us to respond. Rest assured we'll be in touch as soon as possible though!

- Support Agent Nova

Originally posted by Chronicler-177

Oh hi Nova, I believe you responded to me on Twitter a few days ago. Okay, Ill submit another ticket soon after I get off work. Sorry for being a little impatient, I’m just eager to get into the stars with everyone else

All we can ask is for your patience. We're working on it as things are very busy!

- CMDR Zenit

Originally posted by Rollochimper

I've been waiting 5 days without a single reply from customer support lol

If you're in the queue that's all we can ask. We're working on it as things are very busy currently! We're sorry for the wait.

- CMDR Zenit

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