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I managed to get the Halloween twitch drops and just noticed (a bit to late) that there is another compain going on. Between NOV 5th till NOV 17th 8 drops avalible...yet no one who is streaming ED has drops in their title.
Even the ED offical twitch stream has not streamed in 12 days...so how the hell are people meant to even get these drops if can't find anyone to watch ?
I should have two days left to get these drops which is easy...but what is the point if you doin't let people have drops, more so if there own ED stream has not even bothered to stream during the campain time.

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If I'm not mistaken, Halloween drops were given by watching live streams from participating Twitch streamers. However, Official ED twitch drops (Vibrant purple, name plates etc) are only given by watching the live stream on the official channel (i.e. Frameshift Live #20).

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- Ikaros

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