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So I was trying to do what the title says, I was following the same guide I always do, and now my game won't launch. It gets to the boot up screen where it shows the rover on a planet, and then black screens for a second, and crashes. I do not have Odyssey. I put the config file back to default, and I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and it does the exact same thing. Any suggestions or a fix for this?

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Originally posted by TheDickiestButt

I edited the xml file withing (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Elite Dangerous\Products\elite-dangerous-64 and Products\FORC-FSEV-DO-38-IN-40

I removed both files, verified integrity, and it looks like it only replaced the xml file in elite-dangerous-64 and now won't even start up, it just says:

"the graphics configuration is invalid or could not be found. Please re-install the game to rectify the problem."

Which I did, and it didn't put the file back.

Products\FORC-FDEV-DO-38-IN-40 is the actual game folder for Odyssey so it isn't defunct at all, but it also would be recreated when you reinstall. What won't be though is anything in your local App Data, where the game also has a number of files including graphics settings.

You'll want to go here: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments and can delete the Elite Dangerous folder from this location. Your bindings are here also though (under Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings) so you'll need to back these up first if you want to keep them.


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Originally posted by TheDickiestButt

This worked. You are my favorite human being! Thank you!

Good news! o7

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