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-This is not happening in EDH 4.0-

I recently changed suits to one that had sprint speed duration because if you have ever disembarked from your Corvette/Anaconda/Cutter/T-9+10/Panther Clipper LX, to go inside it can take awhile to get to the door.

The suit I switched to has Triple Elite and Elite Mercenary decals on the shoulder whereas the one I was previously wearing did not.

When you look at the role panel or use a terminal inside the station concourse to manage load outs it generates a preview of what your suit & equipment look like. As soon as it does the game crashes to desktop.

I have submitted this through the issue tracker. If you are having similar issues and want to leave a comment about your experience.

The final moment before crashing to desktop each time, It is either the weapons or the suit doing it.


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CTD issues are being looked at by our QA team with high priority and we aim to address any underlying issues as soon as possible.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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