15 days ago - Herodite - Direct link
Hi There @Peacefull haven despite the name, Elvenstats is not affiliated with InnoGames and therefore the content will not be as consistent as that held with us.

I'm sure a member from the Forum that is familiar with the site may be able to help you though!!

Kind Regards

15 days ago - Herodite - Direct link
Don't worry! Someone will be around on here shortly that may be able to help! :)  
15 days ago - Silmaril - Direct link
Dare I address the elephant in the room!
I notice that you appear to be asking for information about a game on our US server, rather than this server, which is International.
Please be aware that each of our servers has its own dedicated support team and Forum, as that may also assist you further.  
14 days ago - Silmaril - Direct link
Apologies, for my delay, but looks like Alcie has you all covered. Thank you @Alcaro :)
Hopefully that elephant now disappeared ;)
The team and our wonder-full player base here are always more than happy to help, so if you have more questions ask away...