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0s You wonder how to evolve the Verdant Phoenix  and get the most out of its feeding effect?
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15s At the beginning of the Grand  Prizes lane you receive the base
18s of the newly introduced Verdant Phoenix.
21s Use Sky Essence to open  chests and unlock artifacts
24s to evolve your phoenix all the way to level 10.
26s The Phoenix offers a switchable  production and a unique effect
30s granting you 10 additional Petals per each  Daily Chest obtained during the ongoing Season.
35s Let’s take a look at how beneficial this effect is
38s and how many more seasonal rewards  you can obtain by utilizing it.
42s The effect lasts for 20 days.
44s The typical duration of a Season is 75 days,
48s so the Phoenix will cost you 4  pieces of Pet Food per Season.
52s If you successfully complete the  set of Daily Quests each day,
55s you will receive an additional 750 Petals.
59s One Season Blessing at the end of  the reward lane costs 130 Petals.
64s Assuming you successfully  reach the Season Blessings,
67s you will be able to claim 5 more chests, each  containing powerful prizes for your city.
73s The Verdant Phoenix will also make it easier  for you to reach the end of the reward lane,
77s especially if you are a more casual player who  does not complete all the weekly tasks in time.
84s With a typical gameplay, where  you spend only the event currency
87s obtained from quests, daily  logins, and your city surroundings,
91s you should safely evolve the  Verdant Phoenix to level 10.
94s However, there is a second phoenix available at  the 300 Payback resources in the reward lane.
100s If you can reach the base of the second phoenix,  you will likely also acquire its artifacts
105s in the future, enhancing your Season benefits  with two Verdant Phoenixes in your city.
111s And how can you reach that milestone?
113s Ensure that you obtain the  maximum number of Feathers.
116s To do that, select the Chests with the highest  relative chance of obtaining Sky Essence
121s and those that offer the greatest amount of  Feathers for the Sky Essence they require.
126s The table represents some of the most beneficial  Chests towards receiving the Grand Prizes
131s and hence, receiving the second  base of the Verdant Phoenix!
135s Yes, luck does play a role, but you can  significantly influence your winning odds
139s by making a thoughtful decision  when selecting the chests!
143s Hopefully you get the most out  of this year’s Easter Event
146s and turn an inconspicuous cactus  into a powerful flying creature!
151s If you have more suggestions  and tips about this event,
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