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0s Hello, Elvenar fans!
2s With the smell of delicious seahorse food dropping everywhere around your city,
7s you can hear the scream of eager spectators getting ready for the upcoming equestrian race!
13s The nomination of seahorses in this year's competition is getting close
17s and the fans are gathering inside the recreational area of premium grade
22s and waiting for the famous pet restaurant to finally open for business!
27s Who's in the line-up?
28s Before we find who competes in this year’s Elvarian Race,
32s make sure to watch the entire video
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43s As the first bets are getting placed and everyone cheers the strong
47s and beautiful seahorses, our event protagonist,
51s Rufus, spots a small runty foal with a prominently little fin.
55s Is this little seahorse joining the Hippocampus Hoops?
59s As the event approaches your city, you will start observing delicious Seahorse Food in
64s various places of the game.
66s You can use the Seahorse Food to start riding
69s your Jockey through the depths of the monumental coral reefs
72s and earn various rewards that the Hoops of the Competition have to offer!
77s Every time, you can move your jockey to one of the three possible Hoops,
81s each offering a unique set of possible prizes for you
84s and a different distance towards the end of the race.
88s With every jockey you cross the finish line, you receive the following Grand Prize in the lane of Grand Prizes,
94s that among other rewards contain artifacts for the brand-new evolving building:
99s The Glory of the Nimble.
100s A premium-grade arena, a great spot to cheer along with the performing skill and agility!
107s For the first time ever, the evolving building introduces Random Productions to your city.
113s Each stage of the building contains a different set of possible rewards for you,
117s among which you receive one at the time of collecting the reward every 24 hours.
122s If you manage to evolve your building to the final stage,
125s you will get a chance to receive an amazing prize of 50 knowledge points every time you roll the dice!
132s Not only a tense equestrian show but also a wonderful place to relax!
137s We are offering a brand-new collection of buildings when the aquatic spirit settles down in your city!
143s The golden Azure Stables produce Heavy Ranged units from the Mercenary Camp,
148s a lucrative boost of mana production coming from the amazing Manta Rays and Manta Boats,
154s or the fancy accommodation for all the attracted visitors inside the Crab Hotel Deluxe.
159s If you buy the Royal Prize pass,
161s you will also receive an utterly luxurious population hybrid:
165s The Winners Parade!
167s Once you make your progress in the lane of Grand Prizes far enough
170s and prove that you have the smell for the best bets possible,
174s you will receive a new male-aquatic avatar,
177s reminding you of the theme of this event
179s and adding a new piece to your everlasting collection!
183s Within Grand and Royal Prizes you will find a brand-new
187s Savory Bites production building that has finally opened for business!
192s All the tempting scent floating in the arena comes right from here.
196s Delicious seafood, top chefs, and a selected quality never seen elsewhere!
201s The Savory Bites is an expiring production building of Pet Food,
205s producing this valuable resource for your evolving buildings every 45 hours!
210s Make sure to collect Pet Food as soon as it's available to you,
213s so that you get the most of this valuable resource before the building expires.
219s And now - roll the dice, place your bets and find your spot to not miss a moment of the action!
What are you most excited about?
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239s Bring a champagne and see you in the arena!

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