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8s [Music]
34s so
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70s [Music]
77s [Music]
90s do
91s [Music]
124s do
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144s [Music]
175s so
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189s do
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272s so
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314s so
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328s so
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381s and hello everyone and welcome
384s to the beautiful q a where we
388s will show you what the new a gateway to
392s the past event is i'm here with thiago i
395s am jada
396s and
398s there we go tiago what can
400s you tell me about this event
404s ah this event is completely new this
407s event isn't finished yet and released
409s and there's so much to talk about it
411s first of all
412s the story of the event is
415s something
416s lost in time
418s it
420s tells a story of a small kingdom
424s that somehow got trapped inside of a
427s board game and therefore protected
431s in the times lost before even before the
435s great
437s drought that would
440s endanger the village
442s a wise king made a wish upon the stars
445s and his wish
447s was granted by a golden fairy
450s so he just had to give away on his
451s treasures
452s be humble negotiate with the fairies
456s and by doing that the ferry enchanted a
458s boardward game
460s and this board game
463s and these board game was where all the
464s city was transported into and saved from
468s the big drought that was was to come
470s and now
471s uh dwarven
473s merchant
474s found this board in the shores of
476s elvenar and takes it directly into the
478s city and delivers to the lord
482s as the player starts the game he is
485s invited by our new uh quest giver talita
488s one of the dwarves
489s of these uh kingdom
492s to play with them the ancient dwarven
494s game and as they play as you know they
497s talk
498s they drink they have some fun the player
500s also has the opportunity to explore and
503s learn a little bit more about the
504s dwarven citadel
506s so
507s what's the dwarven city though
510s the dwarven citadel is the last
512s dwarf empire that was
515s protected inside of the game
517s there
519s yes it's an incredibly big garden
521s fortress
523s where the players can visit the temple
524s of the sun and moon the caves of dust
527s the gates of dawn
529s maybe chill a little bit and play some
531s games in the gaming lodge visit the moon
533s vendor and see what they have there on
535s stock
537s see exactly where the wish was made
540s in the golden wish where the ferry the
542s magical golden fairy stands
544s protecting the the city of this
546s alternate reality and as you know
550s since the king had to take such a
552s complicated decision they
554s deconstructed only for him the memorial
557s of the savior
559s oh wow
560s incredible isn't it yeah that's that's
563s not only what we have incredible in this
564s event
565s but we made a completely
568s new
569s way of playing elvenar events i don't
571s know if you saw it have you seen i saw
573s it i wanted you to tell me about it
575s because i see that there's already three
577s sets of pieces and then there's a board
580s that can do things in and then there are
583s three offers
584s yes
586s so
587s the ancient dwarven game is mainly based
589s on negotiating
592s so those the goal of the game is to
594s collect as many points as you can by
597s negotiating your pieces with the dwarves
600s so first you're going to be presented
602s with the board game and on the right
604s hand side you will see the offers that
606s the dwarves do
608s and how many victory points they're up
610s they are interested
611s in trading with you
614s and those are triumph gems right triumph
616s gems precisely
618s the triumph gems
620s and on the lower part we have three cups
623s each cup
624s from a different set
627s of
628s game pieces
629s so the player can shake the cups and see
632s what pieces what piece he gets from it
634s and these pieces will be spawned in the
636s board
637s knowing the traits he has to fulfill
641s he can then
642s organize the pieces or
644s combine them
646s to actually
648s fulfill the orders
652s okay cool but how do i choose the right
655s order for me
656s yes so when we hover in the orders we
659s have the screen showing you exactly what
663s rewards each order will provide and then
666s you have to decide on your strategy do
667s you want to get more daily rewards do
670s you want to get more um
673s progression on the grand prize of the
675s royal prize do you want to go for some
678s lucky draws
680s yes
681s what are those
684s so
685s in the chest you can find a lucky draw
688s it's a special card
690s that you can use during your game and
692s they can
694s spawn
695s pieces from different uh levels or
699s give you some
701s coins back
703s oh the dwarven chips exactly the dwarven
706s chips ah
707s okay okay i'm starting to understand
710s and then you say that there are the
713s levels to pieces though
715s yes of course some uh
717s dwarfs are ready to offer more triumph
719s gems for more valuable pieces while
722s other
723s dwarfs they only try to trade lower
725s level pieces
727s with less triumph gems so in this game
730s we have three different pieces and
732s that's easy
734s we have the tokens
736s the figurines we have uh the dwarven
740s tools and we have the dices
742s okay each of these pieces have all the
744s way to six uh different tiers
749s and then you ask me okay i have
752s these pieces
753s how do i actually get the piece on the
757s tier i need yeah
761s that's the easiest part of the game you
764s just have to merge them yeah of course
766s let's take for example the cup of
768s figurines
770s you start with
771s squire a just a
774s smaller piece a warrior a squire if you
777s combine two squires you receive a
779s warrior oh okay so it's like combining
782s two warriors you receive an item
785s tonight to give you a commander
788s two commander will give you a sage and
790s two sages will give you a warlord okay
793s can
794s the
796s cups already give you a warlord
800s no the cops cannot give you a warlord on
803s the first
804s uh on on the first row because i
806s remember uh that i saw that there are
809s different percentages of the same yes
812s these type but there are only until the
815s the fifth level right
819s okay okay
820s the valuable
822s six tier six pieces can only be acquired
826s either by merging
827s or from the left oh i love this lucky
829s draw already
831s exactly electrons are very embarrassing
833s i see that there are already some
836s questions let's look at them
838s uh
839s oh falcon wing hi welcome back
842s hey winger the board
845s is a nice chain fine so far
848s it's it's so nice to see you having fun
849s with us
853s scott uh well nick what about the next
857s chapter 20 when we will see it or should
860s stop playing no you shouldn't stop
862s playing scott you should have stopped
863s playing
864s it's coming
866s i
867s can't say but it is in the works please
870s please be patient with us a little bit
872s more it's going to come the comment is
875s going to be amazing
876s um it's going to be interesting uh
879s charlie i like the event so far i'm so
881s so happy
882s uh bruce oh this is more technical um
886s broken shards are not very useful if you
889s already have 10 in stock how about a
892s larger storage option for them thiago
895s what do you think about that
898s um
900s the there is a very interesting way of
901s uh handling broken charts it's how you
904s manage your engine ponders so if you
906s keep your ancient water in different
908s levels of progression you can always
911s have some ancient runners that need
913s these broken charts
914s so
915s uh currently i think we don't need to
918s extend the amount of broken charts the
919s player can actually uh
922s save
923s but
924s really
925s use the different ancient wonders you
927s have distribute your knowledge points
929s and your ancient wonder knowledge
930s ancient wonder
932s knowledge points among them and make
934s sure you always have
935s some ancient wonders that are still in
938s the research phase and some that are
940s already in the room phase and you never
942s have uh broken shelves uh
945s left
946s just
947s use these cadency to keep the broken
949s charts always being
951s used yeah you need to be stressed for
953s them
955s yeah i mean it's a it's a limitation
957s that makes it fun
958s right because yeah it's all it's all
961s about the stuff you know how many spaces
962s you have and so you you have to uh see
966s when uh and where to use it
969s thank you thiago recite that
971s uh
973s there is
974s uh lionel fisher
976s once more i claim one more hex draw in
979s combat to give better tactical
981s opportunity at the start
984s uh
985s i'm not sure
987s hex row
989s can you
991s just one just one more uh hexagonal rule
994s to give a better tactical opportunity at
996s the start
997s um
998s yeah so i understand that the idea is
1001s making the the
1003s fighting board a little bit bigger oh
1004s yeah
1005s at the moment
1006s at the moment we don't have any uh plans
1008s on doing that but we have been
1010s evaluating the battling options and the
1012s strategies
1013s constantly thank you for that i didn't
1016s understand that first
1018s thanks um
1020s benjamin keep up the good work i love
1021s the artwork and love the playability in
1024s this game
1026s thank you very much
1028s we really love the artwork as well i
1030s mean i don't know if you see this
1031s but this is amazing it's incredibly
1035s beautiful
1037s um
1038s bonnie i do love the game but the event
1040s has seemed a bit more expensive than the
1043s others um bonnie please
1045s let us know what is more expensive what
1048s does it make more expensive it's very
1050s valuable to have your feedback here and
1052s we we
1053s love to see where you are having
1055s difficulties and why so that we
1057s understand a little bit better the
1059s balancing do you have anything to say a
1061s little bit more
1063s uh what i can tell in the
1066s for the balancing of this event is that
1067s the balancing was tested uh on our test
1070s servers it worked quite well we felt
1073s that sometimes players would feel in the
1075s beginning
1076s that uh the the event would be a little
1079s bit more um
1081s it would be harder because in the
1083s beginning the player gets less of the
1086s event currency than partnerships
1089s but uh as you progress on the quests
1091s also the rewards are a little bit bigger
1093s so in the beta we had a bigger uh
1096s difference between start and end
1098s we normalized a little bit made it more
1100s smooth and we believe that now players
1102s will of course reach the same
1104s performance as in beta but also feel
1107s that the progression is a little bit
1108s faster so that's something we are
1110s constantly doing after each run and
1114s we also take in consideration all the
1116s results from our data our tests and
1119s services oh yeah uh your feedback in
1121s beta is already making us a change a lot
1123s of stuff to make your
1125s playing life better and more enjoyable
1127s like it's to make the game more fun
1132s um let's see uh hank virastra i'm sorry
1137s i hope i pronounced it correctly i like
1139s the event nice puzzling yay
1142s thank you um
1145s charlie wolf i just wish the output of
1147s rewards in these buildings i guess the
1150s set that we were talking about would be
1153s higher than the buildings we got in
1155s chapter 10. so it would be worth keeping
1158s for a while i mean chapter 15.
1160s which ones did you get in chapter 10 let
1163s us know which ones are you are you
1165s talking about because then we we can
1168s pinpoint and understand what you mean a
1170s little bit better uh do you do you have
1173s already an idea of what charlie is
1174s talking about thiago
1177s no i i really don't know exactly what
1179s beauty he's talking about um
1181s what i see several many times uh on
1184s these uh resource output uh production
1188s that
1189s sometimes players ask us to make the
1191s event buildings actually produce
1194s more than their regular manufacturers
1197s but there is a very clear reason uh um
1201s for that and i think that has to be
1203s taken into consideration is that
1205s manufacturers require you first to
1206s upgrade them so to get to a specific
1208s level you have to spend a lot of
1209s resources the space you have to have the
1212s culture
1213s and the population to to actually make
1215s the manufacturing work
1216s event builds on the other hand they give
1219s you culture sometimes give you
1220s population and give the resources so
1223s comparing production one with production
1225s one maybe it seems that some buildings
1227s are a little bit above or below but in
1229s the end the event buildings give you on
1231s top population
1233s and they can be built in any chapter so
1235s you don't require also the research so
1238s getting the dailies for the event are
1240s always a very good addition to your city
1241s that i can tell you
1243s they are designed to be always a boost
1245s to your city
1247s thank you thiago uh
1249s there's linda
1251s uh best game so far more more buildings
1254s that give pet food please
1257s pet food is always very loved
1261s linda we gave you a building that gives
1263s pet food
1264s you already run out of your pet food
1267s you need to work on a pet food
1268s management definitely yeah yeah it's
1270s something that it's very very important
1272s isn't it the more pets you have the more
1274s bonuses you have but the pet food runs
1277s very fast if you don't pay very much
1280s attention gotta manage it correctly
1283s log in every day check your
1286s crafting and make the best out of it i
1288s think we have a video about it how to
1290s make
1290s your crafting more
1293s efficient
1296s the event feels slow in progression it
1298s takes a lot of trades and mostly low
1300s level orders are filled which can be
1303s frustrating do you have any tips for uh
1306s brothers here thiago
1309s yeah uh brothers thank you for the
1311s feedback um
1312s we tried to balance the game in a way
1314s that is engaging and also uh not so
1316s boring also to so you have to click and
1319s do a lot of merge so the idea here is
1324s fill your boards
1325s slowly and see the pieces you have
1328s go and check also the trades you have
1330s available and pick one and prepare
1332s yourself for that so you can strategize
1334s a little bit more
1336s we expect you to be able to complete
1339s orders in the same rate as you would for
1342s example
1343s go to the hoops in the in the last event
1346s so one two two orders a day three orders
1348s a day but it all depends on your goal if
1351s you're shooting for orders that have way
1353s too uh high value of course it's gonna
1355s be a little bit slower
1357s but uh overall
1359s we will keep on monitoring the progress
1361s in the
1362s event and if needed be make it a little
1365s bit more faster we can also uh we are
1368s always working in improving
1370s everything we can to make the event more
1372s pleasant uh for our players
1375s thank you thiago
1377s uh stephanie this event was not uh for
1380s me but that's okay i finished the whole
1382s quest in beta but i was still unable to
1384s get the whole set oh i'm sorry uh more
1387s coins so the dwarven chips would have
1389s helped a lot i know beta had a balancing
1392s change but it still needs more coin life
1395s try playing maybe maybe you see that we
1398s did a good job in balancing out to make
1400s it
1402s better uh right away because uh if we in
1405s beta was like this and and now on live
1408s it's like this so it's flatter and you
1410s get more dwarven sooner so maybe
1414s you will have another impression on this
1416s the merch game was a great idea though
1419s thank you but you have to thank uh
1422s thiago and the game design team it was
1424s not me it was the whole development team
1426s yes also the whole team live ops working
1428s together in defining it what we would
1431s like to do the concept so
1433s thanks for all the artists the
1434s developers
1436s game designers and product manager that
1438s worked in these to make this event
1439s actually possible
1441s it's a very big effort all around and
1444s it's amazing
1446s uh charlie came back with more thank you
1449s so much for the details so we can
1451s understand a little bit better uh
1453s charlie white wolf five set of two
1457s with a purchase in event uh coins
1460s i guess that wouldn't chips of four
1462s it
1463s is a bit expensive
1465s this is agreed by my fellowship too
1468s i am even more confused
1471s me
1479s oh okay
1480s five sets of two because he's
1483s he's counting to reach a certain piece i
1486s guess
1487s uh
1488s and
1488s the dwarven chips are five or four each
1491s because it costs four dwarven chips to
1495s spawn a point to spawn a piece
1498s four to four yes
1500s yeah but you can spawn uh
1503s tier one or tier five
1505s true very true you you can't you can't
1507s count on
1508s uh having to have five set of two it's
1511s maximum yeah maybe karen
1514s yeah give it a check on the
1516s give it a check on the cups then you're
1518s gonna see the possibilities the
1520s probabilities of getting the pieces and
1521s you see that you can get tier five tier
1523s four tier three tier two and tier one so
1526s you don't need precisely five sets of
1529s two
1530s to get all the way yeah very true
1533s you can just spawn two tier five put
1536s them together get a tier six and you're
1538s done uh
1539s mindy
1541s anyway we will ever be able to rotate
1543s building to squish them in better thiago
1546s this is the one million dollar question
1549s please go question and
1552s yeah elvenar is a city builder game and
1555s here we um
1557s the main goal of the game is actually
1559s strategically placing your buildings to
1561s make them uh your city efficient
1564s beautiful whatever you want to do with
1566s your city i i think a lot of players
1568s want to make it very efficient but i've
1569s seen a lot of players that actually want
1570s them
1572s way
1573s well decorated and beautiful incredible
1576s so what we do is
1578s we will not rotate the pieces
1580s our job is we will give you all the
1583s pieces you need
1584s so you can make your city the way you
1586s want so you should play events actively
1589s uh participate on uh
1592s the aspire participate in tournaments
1593s gather the resources be an active player
1596s i can ensure that you will not want to
1598s rotate a single piece you will be able
1600s to find
1602s the building that fits the space you
1604s have
1606s with uh efficiency so
1609s no it's not going to be rotating it's
1611s not in the in the design of the game
1613s itself is it
1614s unfortunately
1617s uh
1617s thank you thiago uh karen hello everyone
1620s i love the game i love my uh my
1622s fellowship thank you for the game oh and
1625s and also i love the beards you're
1627s wearing well done
1629s i have spam
1631s thank you so much time in braiding this
1635s and also a lot of glue no cream cream of
1638s course this is a true beard um
1642s yeah
1645s man is real no i mean when when uh in
1648s dwarven citadel behave like dwarfs right
1652s a duo uh falco wing hello thanks for
1656s adding the pet food to the crafting i
1658s have been grabbing it each time
1660s away
1661s yes i'm happy that you are uh
1665s able to log in every day to get the pet
1668s food and apart from the pet food uh i
1671s don't know if he had the chance to see
1673s but
1674s we also added to the royal prize uh
1676s something also completely new i don't
1678s know if he had the time to see it but
1680s now we created the tome of fearless that
1684s for the first time is available in grand
1686s prize and royal prize pass and
1688s there you can pick
1690s one of the five different battle
1693s boosters so i remember also players
1695s asking to have the booster for heavy
1697s melee and heavy ranged units
1700s and now
1702s you have it the tomb of the fearless is
1703s there
1704s amazing in the royal prize path in the
1707s grand prize lane so
1711s stay active go there play
1713s and
1714s collect your total feelings
1716s uh aside from the two model fearless by
1718s the way are there any other very very
1721s good uh prizes that you uh would want to
1725s highlight in this q a
1728s triangle for the players
1731s yes of course uh
1733s we have the return of the year
1734s as well so
1736s it's coming back now you can get your
1739s ferris wheel to produce it of clarity
1741s produce combining catalyst and
1742s everything you're gonna need for
1744s crafting so
1746s also as far coming that loves crafting
1748s arcane ferrous was there and you can
1750s always go there and
1752s pick it up and also the the set
1754s buildings like i mean you can see people
1757s commenting on it the set building is
1759s incredible you can get a lot of units
1762s strength
1763s golems
1764s you can get the for the first time the
1766s vitality surge five percent is a stable
1769s production you can use to save units yes
1773s these events i told you this event is
1774s incredible we're giving the players a
1777s lot to play with
1778s so
1780s we have uh all warriors being produced
1782s in the solar training ground
1784s we have the lunar factory producing a
1787s great amount of mana
1789s valorean guards in the golden wish
1791s mortars and or golems depending on the
1794s race
1795s in the gates of dawn transfer trends
1797s three ants are paladins in the caves of
1800s dusk you have a
1802s delicious source of orcs in the temple
1804s of sun and moon
1806s and for players in the later chapters
1808s they can get platinum elven tree gum and
1811s moonstone in these set so there are
1814s resources for players that want
1815s resources and there are units for
1817s players that want to battle the citadel
1820s was not kept inside the game for so many
1822s years because of nothing it was a very
1825s very
1826s incredible piece of uh it's a treasure
1829s architecture
1830s wow it's a treasure exactly that's why
1834s the goddess saved the citadel inside of
1837s the board game because it was
1839s said if it would be late
1841s i need to make space for uh for the
1844s citadel now in my city
1848s and you have to keep on playing yeah
1851s it's not but it's like uh i need to
1854s repuzzle fun
1856s all right um
1858s let's see we have a lot of uh questions
1860s again thank you guys i really love uh
1863s all these all this feedback i like the
1865s merge mechanic it's
1868s it's just a breath of fresh air but it
1869s could probably need a bit more balancing
1871s over the next times we are always eager
1874s to see your feedback so please please
1876s please let it let it come so we can
1878s always balance what uh and and tweak
1881s things we will see though we have faith
1883s in our balancing uh continue playing
1886s yes
1888s uh
1888s rachel i love the set both the design
1890s and the production i am looking forward
1893s to collecting all the pieces uh thank
1896s for
1897s all your hard work i know it can be easy
1899s designing and implementing a new game
1900s design
1904s yes but it was amazing it was all worth
1907s it
1908s uh
1908s it was really a nice idea and a nice
1912s time to yeah and also creative because
1914s it gives our developers a new thing to
1918s create right
1922s all right so
1927s funny the info about starting and ending
1930s balancing is very encouraging and i want
1932s all of the set yes i do i do too
1936s uh
1936s charlie has come with more uh details
1939s let me log into the game and i'll be
1941s back uh okay i'm back these are two
1943s relatively uh the same size bubbling as
1946s flat express and the temple of the sun
1949s and moon
1950s now
1951s i do like the new buildings however uh
1956s change keeps morale up
1958s do you know on the top of my head
1960s because this is really technical yeah
1962s the
1963s the
1965s temple of the sun and moon and the
1966s bombing express service they are um
1969s as productive as the other ones you can
1972s have on the latest chapters for
1974s the temple of the sun and moon a little
1976s bit less population
1978s but you get so much more orcs
1981s so
1982s the balancing itself it's
1984s redistributed in different um
1988s in different uh
1989s places
1991s and you also have to remember that the
1993s temple of the sun and moon not only has
1995s the bonus on itself but it provides
1997s bonus to the connected buildings near it
2000s so the goblin express service affects
2002s only itself so the overall value of the
2004s building is in the building the temple
2006s of the sun and moon
2008s if connected for example with the
2010s memorial of the savior or the caves of
2012s dusk also makes the building nearby
2015s produce a lot of cells so there's also
2017s an added value on it it's a complicated
2020s way to a complicated thing to calculate
2022s but i can promise you we calculated
2023s everything and
2025s all the event evo buildings they are
2027s somehow meant to be as productive
2029s as the other one but in different ways
2032s so it's the same power but different
2034s applications thank you thiago yeah i
2035s didn't think of that of course if one
2038s building is uh independent from other
2040s connections of course
2042s it can be a higher boost but if
2045s it depends on things if you make it
2048s already uh powerful then where do you go
2051s uh so yeah makes a lot of sense uh
2054s let's say
2056s uh falcon wing
2058s for some uh someone wanting to do better
2060s at aspire uh does the size of the city
2063s or chapter you are affect the enemy
2065s troops
2067s i know for a fact that there's a
2068s balancing because the more the bigger
2070s your city is the more powerful you are
2072s but thiago please let me
2075s yeah the the spire follows the player uh
2079s progression so the mother player
2080s progress
2082s the more challenging is the the next by
2085s the spire
2086s but as you have more space the stronger
2088s you are so it's a balance we don't want
2090s we always want the spire to be
2092s uh a challenge for the players so they
2094s really go and they really put efforts
2097s and
2098s when they finish it it's rewarding so
2100s more work bigger reward yes of course
2104s um
2105s nelson oh hi i remember you hi
2108s welcome back uh
2110s why are uh the chapter
2113s uh so hard to get through the new
2115s chapters the old chapters what what
2117s which chapters are uh hard to get
2120s through and why
2121s uh help us understand because
2124s i haven't had uh
2127s sometimes some chapters are long to get
2129s through not hard sometimes it depends on
2132s what what you are you are meaning and
2134s where you are swamped it's very
2136s important for us to understand where uh
2138s you
2139s have difficulties please let us know uh
2142s this is the
2143s last minute guys so i i will try to uh
2147s answer to all of your questions uh
2149s charlie i have gotten better at recently
2151s in this game
2152s you see it
2154s hones your skills your spiritual skills
2156s your puzzling skills it's amazing
2159s um
2160s and
2161s yeah claire i enjoy the artistry and
2163s details of game graphics beautiful and
2166s fun yes
2168s thank you uh do we have oh there's
2171s there's a question from uh stephanie uh
2173s are coins
2175s going to stay at an increased rate in
2178s future fellowship adventure i think
2180s she's talking about uh the the the
2183s second coins the badge
2187s do you have like 30 seconds because we
2189s are already out of time uh
2192s the
2193s bag of coins uh
2196s we're gonna evaluate the performance we
2198s changed a little bit the bag of coins to
2199s make sure that
2201s the challenge is met
2203s uh for players and
2206s we are always open try to review review
2209s the game reveal the requirements but
2211s so far i don't i don't see precisely any
2214s need for change let's see for the next
2216s fellowship adventure give us feedback
2217s guys uh let us know uh and it's always
2220s very very appreciated we are out of time
2222s right now thank you so much for all the
2224s questions it's so nice to see them uh
2227s and so yeah uh
2229s much uh love from us to you
2232s see you in the next one and enjoy a
2235s gateway to the past
2238s yes make sure you visit citadel bye guys
2241s bye bye
2280s you